Zorin OS 17 Beta revolutionizes the Linux desktop experience with exciting new features and enhancements

Zorin OS 17 Beta was released today, and the new pre-release version of the operating system is chock full of changes. For instance, the Zorin Menu has undergone a transformation, evolving from a simple launcher to a versatile universal search tool. This enhancement aims to streamline the user experience, allowing for quick access to files, appointments, and more with customizable search settings.

Zorin OS 17 Beta introduces an improved activities overview, emphasizing ease of use in multitasking. Workspaces are now arranged horizontally and are easily navigable, offering a more intuitive workflow.

The Software store has been revamped for speed and usability. The new design aims to simplify the process of discovering and installing applications, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Spatial Desktop feature in Zorin OS 17 brings a cool 3D perspective to workspace switching and window management, aiming to provide users with an engaging and dynamic desktop experience.

A key focus of the operating system has been on enhancing speed and performance. The OS has been fine-tuned at every level to ensure a responsive experience on a variety of hardware configurations.

Responding to user demands, Zorin OS 17 includes an advanced window-tiling feature, designed to boost productivity through innovative tiling options and shortcuts.

The new system indicator menu offers direct access to key settings such as Dark Mode, audio device selection, and customizable Power Modes, aiming to strike a balance between performance and energy efficiency.

Screen capturing capabilities have been enhanced in Zorin OS 17, with a new overlay interface making it easier to capture and record screen content.

The weather app has been overhauled for a more detailed and visually appealing forecast, integrated with the desktop and Calendar app for better planning.

Zorin OS 17 Beta isn't just about new features. It also includes improved parental controls, enhanced hardware support, updated theming, and a commitment to long-term support until 2027. You can download an ISO here now.

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