JEDEC officially recognizes CAMM2 standard -- smaller RAM modules to cram more into less space

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Laptops are soon going to benefit from a major memory boost thanks to the recognition of a new standard. CAMM2 is the successor to the familiar SO-DIMM form factor, and its significantly smaller size opens up potential for more memory to be installed into less space.

JEDEC, the organization that defines many computing and electronics standards, has published JESD318: Compression Attached Memory Module (CAMM2) Common Standard. CAMM2 is 57 percent thinner than SO-DIMMs and also has the potential for higher clock speeds. The memory has already been used by Dell as a proprietary memory type, but now it is likely to see wider adoption.

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The CAMM2 standard cover two variants, DDR5 and LPDDR5(X). JEDEC says that DR5 CAMM2s are intended for performance notebooks and mainstream desktops, while LPDDR5/5X CAMM2s targets a broader range of notebooks and certain server market segments.

The announcement goes on to say:

While JESD318 CAMM2 defines a common connector design for both DDR5 and LPDDR5/X, it is crucial to note that the pinouts for each differ. To support different motherboard designs, intentional variations in mounting procedures between DDR5 and LPDDR5/X CAMM2s prevent the mounting of a module where it should not go.

JEDEC goes into further detail about the new standard, saying:

As announced earlier this year, JESD318 CAMM2 supports stackable CAMM2s: dual-channel (DC) and single-channel (SC). By splitting the dual-channel CAMM2 connector lengthwise into two single-channel CAMM2 connectors, each connector half can elevate the CAMM2 to a different level. The first connector half supports one DDR5 memory channel at 2.85mm height while the second half supports a different DDR5 memory channel at 7.5mm height. Or, the entire CAMM2 connector can be used with a dual-channel CAMM2. This scalability from single-channel and dual-channel configurations to future multi-channel setups promises a significant boost in memory capacity.

Information on the JESD318 CAMM2 standard is available for download from the JEDEC website.

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