AI-powered Logitech Sight camera gains Microsoft Teams certification

The AI-powered tabletop camera, Logitech Sight, while not a new entrant in the market, has achieved a significant milestone by gaining certification from Microsoft Teams as a center-of-table camera. This development marks Sight as the first intelligent camera to receive such recognition.

One of the standout functionalities of Logitech Sight is its use of both audio and voice-based AI -- RightSight and RightSound -- to detect and frame multiple active speakers, shifting focus as the conversation progresses. This technology aims to create a more balanced and inclusive experience for remote participants in hybrid work settings.

The camera's recent certification for use with Microsoft Teams complements its existing compatibility with Zoom Rooms. This dual compatibility is crucial for IT teams looking to maintain adaptable and effective communication technologies in the evolving landscape of hybrid work.

Logitech Sight is manageable via Logitech Sync, allowing for convenient cloud-based device monitoring and updates. It's backward compatible with existing Logitech devices like Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, offering a seamless technology integration for IT teams.

In keeping with Logitech's sustainability commitments, Logitech Sight includes environmentally conscious components like certified post-consumer recycled plastic and FSCTM-certified paper packaging. The product is also certified carbon neutral, aligning with Logitech's goal of achieving a positive climate impact.

The Logitech Sight, now enhanced with Microsoft Teams certification, is available for around $1,999. You can buy the Graphite model here and the White variant here.

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