MX Linux 23.1 Raspberry Pi OS Respin launches with exciting features

In a significant development for Raspberry Pi users, the much-anticipated MX Linux 23.1 Raspberry Pi OS Respin has been officially released. This new version, labeled MX-23.1_rpi_respin, seamlessly blends the robust MX Tools and the extensive MX repositories from the mainline releases into a compact system image, tailored for the latest Raspberry Pi models.

The MX-23.1_rpi_respin is tested and optimized for Raspberry Pi 4, Pi 400, and the newly released Pi 5, ensuring compatibility and performance across these popular models. To get started, users will require a minimum of a 16GB memory card or a USB device, making it a highly accessible upgrade.

A notable shift from the x86 releases, this respin introduces Chromium as the default web browser, replacing Firefox. This decision stems from the superior startup speed of Chromium on Raspberry Pi hardware, offering a smoother browsing experience. Additionally, the respin initiates user setup on the first boot, streamlining the configuration process.

However, it's not without its limitations. The respin version does away with the live system and several MX tools that leverage it, like Snapshot. Plus, the MX-23.1_rpi_respin comes with a pared-down set of default applications. But fear not, as the included MX Packageinstaller stands ready to bridge any gaps, allowing users to customize and enhance their system according to their needs.

As with any new release, there are a few wrinkles to iron out. The user setup, as of now, is available solely in English. While users can select their system language during setup, the setup process itself remains unilingual.

The MX-23.1 Raspberry Pi OS Respin brings the beloved features of MX Linux to a wider audience, catering specifically to the needs and limitations of Raspberry Pi hardware. This release is sure to excite both long-time fans of MX Linux and newcomers to the Raspberry Pi community. You can download the image here now.

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