Microsoft rebrands its iOS and Android web browser to Microsoft Edge: AI Browser

Blurry Microsoft Edge logo with mobile in foreground

With, as yet, nothing by way of an explanation, Microsoft has decided to rename the iOS and Android versions of its Edge web browser.

Now known as Microsoft Edge: AI Browser the change of name does not appear to have been accompanied by any significant changes. The mobile web browser does, like so many Microsoft products, include its fair share of artificial intelligence-powered features as the company continues to bet big on the importance of AI.

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Microsoft has not made any announcement about the change of name, and it is not clear what sort of additional plan the company has for the browser beyond continuing to integrate AI as it is doing with Windows.

While there is currently no explanation offered for the timing of the name change, the app description makes numerous references to AI features:

Enhance browsing with Copilot powered by GPT-4. Create images with DALL-E 3.

Microsoft Edge, your AI-powered browser, with Copilot built in to enhance your browsing experience. Empowered by GPT-4 , Copilot enables you to ask questions, refine searches, receive comprehensive summaries and create images with DALL-E 3. Microsoft Edge is a smarter way to browse, find, create and shop on the go.

It’s not clear whether Microsoft intends to extend the rebanding to the desktop; at the moment it is only the mobile versions of the browser that have been renamed.

If you don’t already have a version of the browser installed to update, you can download Microsoft Edge: AI Browser from the Play Store or the App Store.

Image credit: rafapress / depositphotos

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