87 percent of organizations likely to invest in Gen AI coding tools

A new report from software engineering specialist LinearB looks at the effects of generative AI on code creation and delivery.

Gen AI is predicted to generate one in five lines of code by the end of this year and the study of over 150 tech leaders sets out to understand how organizations can measure the effects of Gen AI on their code.

"Engineering leaders know GenAI is already fundamentally changing software delivery life cycles," says Ori Keren, co-founder and CEO of LinearB. "Measuring AI code's tangible impact on software delivery through our free platform offering separates hype from reality and shows where AI tools truly move the needle for developer productivity and business outcomes."

The report finds that 87 percent of organizations surveyed are likely to invest in a Gen AI coding tool like GitHub Copilot in 2024. Currently, 71 percent are in some stage of adoption, ranging from trials to full deployment.

Larger companies (those with 101-250+ employees) are roughly 25 percent more likely to rely on direct metrics rather than qualitative surveys to measure the impact on their development.

Writing new code and tests are the top use cases for early adopters of AI. Assisting in code reviews and improving productivity become more important for mature users though. The report also show that risk perceptions around the use of Gen AI decrease as adoption grows, yet security remains the top concern for all.

The full report is available from the LinearB site. The company is also launching a new tool to help businesses measure the impact of AI tools on developer productivity and business goals with hard metrics.

Image credit: denisismagilov/depositphotos.com

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