Google thinks ChromeOS Flex could replace Windows 10 or Windows 11 on your PC, or even macOS on your Mac

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With the end of support for Windows 10 approaching, and the launch of Windows 11 24H2 not being an option for many people because of hardware compatibility changes, Google is seizing the opportunity to push its own ChromeOS Flex.

ChromeOS Flex is Google's tweaked version of the ChromeOS operating system that can be installed on x86 hardware. The company is pitching its software at businesses and organizations promising that it has "been built with security as a first principle, not an afterthought". The self-promotion is to be found on the Chrome Enterprise blog, but there is nothing to stop home users from replacing Windows or macOS with ChromeOS Flex.

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Google has published a list of reasons to switch to ChromeOS Flex, and introduces this bold notion by saying: "It's estimated that cyber crimes will cost $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. How are you planning to protect your business from this growing threat? Traditionally, upgrading to the latest available operating system has been a viable way to reduce the chance of an attack, but with hundreds of millions of Windows 10 devices losing support soon because they are ineligible for the newest version of Windows, finding a way to keep these PCs secure and sustainable should be a top priority".

It adds:

With ChromeOS Flex, businesses can install a new, auto-updating operating system on their existing fleet of Windows devices. This modernizes devices, extending their lifespan and keeping them out of landfills, reducing their attack surface, and saving on hardware refresh costs.

In addition to the security aspect of its operating system, Google leans heavily into the familiarity side of things, saying that anyone who has used Chrome Browser or Google Workspace will feel at home. The company also highlights the manageability, flexibility and "low-maintenance, reliable" nature of the operating system.

Also pushed are reduced hardware costs and the potential to re-use older equipment rather than create more e-waste.

Quite how many organizations or individuals can be persuaded to switch to ChromeOS Flex is not clear, but you can see what Google has to say here.

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