Apple Sports app raises eyebrows with betting odds feature

Apple has launched a new sports app. The unimaginatively named Apple Sports not only provides real-time scores and stats for sports enthusiasts but also includes betting odds provided by DraftKings. This unexpected feature is sure to raise concerns among some users and observers who may be shocked by Apple's apparent endorsement of gambling, a move that seems uncharacteristic for a company usually associated with promoting good morals.

Apple Sports, now available for free in the App Store in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada, is designed to offer a personalized experience for sports fans, with a focus on speed and simplicity. The app covers a wide range of leagues currently in season, including the MLS, NBA, NHL, and Premier League, among others. Additional leagues like the MLB, NFL, and WNBA will be added in the future.

While the app aims to provide a convenient way for users to stay updated on their favorite teams and leagues, the inclusion of betting odds is likely to spark a debates. Some will argue that by featuring gambling odds, Apple is indirectly promoting gambling, a sensitive issue that can have negative social and financial implications. This move could be seen as a departure from Apple's typical stance on maintaining high moral standards in its products and services.

Apple Sports allows users to customize their scoreboards, follow their favorite teams, and navigate between scores and upcoming games. The app also integrates with the Apple TV app and Apple News, providing a seamless experience for users.

As Apple Sports rolls out, it remains to be seen how the public will react to the inclusion of betting odds and whether this feature will impact the app's popularity, especially considering Apple's reputation for upholding good morals. However, Apple does at least give the option to turn off betting odds in the settings.

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