Forget Windows 11 24H2, Microsoft confirms the next big release is Windows 11 2024 Update

Windows 11 24H2 2024

If you were waiting for Microsoft to release Windows 11 24H2, Microsoft has just made it clear that the official name is slightly different.

Continuing the trend from previous years in which Windows 11 22H2 was actually known as the 2022 Update, and Windows 11 23H2 the 2023 Update, Windows 11 24H2 will be released as Windows 11 2024 Update.

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The confirmation of Microsoft's plans to continue the existing naming convention can be found on the company's Flight Hub page for Windows 11.

Here there are several references to Windows 11 2024 Update (24H2), and it is also referred to as Windows 11, version 24H2 for added confirmation.

The name was spotted by the ever-reliable XenoPanther, and a post on X about the finding elicited a response from Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc:

We don't yet know much about just when we can expect the update to be released beyond the fact that it will be in the second half of the year.  Past experience would suggest a late-September or early-October launch, but we'll need to wait for concrete information from Microsoft.

Image credit: vadimrysev / depositphotos

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