Breathe new life into aging PCs: Tiny Core Linux 15.0 challenges Windows 11

Tiny Core Linux 15.0 has been officially released. This latest version of the minimalist operating system challenges the dominance of Windows 11 by offering a lightweight, efficient alternative that can breathe new life into older hardware.

The changelog for Core v15.0 reveals several key updates. You can see a list of notable changes below.

  • Kernel Update: The Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 6.6.8, ensuring better hardware compatibility and security.
  • Library and Toolchain Enhancements: Key components such as glibc, gcc, and binutils have been updated to versions 2.38, 13.2.0, and 2.41, respectively, offering improved performance and stability.
  • Filesystem and Utility Updates: The base libraries and applications for e2fsprogs and util-linux have been updated, alongside a significant update to busybox, moving to version 1.36.1.
  • Compression Library Update: The zlib base library has seen an update to version 1.3, enhancing data compression efficiency.
  • Script and Function Improvements: Various scripts and functions have been refined, including changes to tce-functions, tce-audit, and tce-load, to enhance the system's usability and reliability.

Tiny Core Linux is celebrated by many in the open source community for its minimalistic approach, offering a fast and lightweight operating system that is perfect for older hardware or systems with limited resources. For those interested in trying version 15.0, an ISO can be downloaded using the below links.

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