Proton Pass password manager app for Windows launches with offline mode -- macOS and Linux versions on the way

Proton, the privacy and security company, has launched Proton Pass for Windows -- a new standalone desktop application that extends its secure password management beyond the web browser. Proton Pass offers an enhanced user experience by integrating more seamlessly with the Windows operating system, allowing smoother management of passwords and encrypted login information.

One of the key features of this new application is its offline mode, available to Proton Pass Plus and Unlimited users. This mode ensures access to information anytime, without needing an Internet connection, and is secured with Argon2 encryption, known for its robust defense against brute-force attacks.

The application is open-source and independently audited, ensuring transparency and a robust security foundation. Proton has also committed to launching macOS and Linux support later this year, furthering its cross-platform commitment.

Son Nguyen, Product Lead for Proton Pass, emphasized the importance of offline support, stating, "Even in today's highly connected world, offline support is still necessary. The Proton Pass desktop app for Windows lets you access all of your credentials without a browser or internet access, which has been requested by Proton Pass for Business customers."

Proton Pass for Windows is available for download immediately here.

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