2024 Call for Code aims to harness gen AI to improve equality

This week IBM, along with charitable partner United Nations Human Rights, and program affiliate the Linux Foundation, launches its 2024 Call for Code Global Challenge with the aim of encouraging developers to use generative AI technology to create solutions that improve equitable access to resources and opportunities for historically underserved and vulnerable people.

Participants will have access to a trial version of watsonx, IBM's AI and data platform with AI Assistants, as well as IBM Cloud technology and developer-friendly training and resources to help teams develop their solutions.

"Necessities like clean water, safe affordable housing, and opportunities in education and fair government representation are not equally available to all people. Climate change exacerbates these challenges in underserved communities’ whose resources are often strained and inadequate," says David Clark, founder and CEO of Call for Code. "With generative AI technology like watsonx, the developer community has a powerful tool to help tackle these issues, in order to help reduce inequality and improve people’s lives around the world."

Using a trial version of IBM watsonx, which is designed with principles of transparency, responsibility and governance, and IBM's hybrid cloud platform, developers will produce solutions to help address equitable access issues in areas such as effective climate change policies and protections; affordable and clean energy; clean water and awareness of water quality; leadership and income opportunities; safe and affordable housing; representation; technology; and quality education.

"What makes Call for Code such a dynamic developer challenge is its ability to rally and inspire students, developers, and problem-solvers from universities and companies around the world to use AI and other technology to help address some of society’s most pressing issues," says Savio Rodrigues, vice president, ecosystem engineering and developer advocacy at IBM. "This year, participants can build with IBM watsonx to help power their solutions, and will also have access to IBM mentors and free courses in generative AI, to help ensure they are able to create the most impactful submissions."

The 2024 challenge will feature a single round, which opens on March 8th with submissions due by October 17th. A Grand Prize winner will be awarded $50,000 and solution implementation support from the Call for Code ecosystem. The first runner-up will win $25,000 and the second runner-up will receive $10,000.

Universities around the world are helping promote Call for Code in the classroom and are working to support and co-host Call for Code events throughout the year. The top-scoring team comprised entirely of university students will also earn a $30,000 grant to be awarded to their school or shared by up to five schools represented by the team members.

You can find out how to get involved on the Call for Code site.

Image Credit: Monkey Business Images/Dreamstime.com

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