Zorin OS 17.1 Linux distribution gets enhanced Windows app support -- you can now escape Microsoft’s stranglehold

The Zorin OS 17.1 Linux distribution is now available, offering a range of improvements designed to enhance the computing experience for users transitioning from proprietary platforms like Windows and macOS. With over half a million downloads of Zorin OS 17 since its release, it's clear that the mission to introduce the power of Linux to new users is resonating.

The latest version, Zorin OS 17.1, introduces enhanced Windows app support, making it easier for users to run their favorite applications, regardless of the original platform. The built-in database now detects installer files for over 100 popular Windows apps and games, offering tailored recommendations for native Linux alternatives. This ensures a smoother transition and a more compatible experience for users.

Thanks to Wine 9.0, Zorin OS 17.1 provides improved support for Windows software, allowing users to run a broader selection of apps and games effortlessly. Additionally, the inclusion of Bottles enhances the Windows app support, enabling software to run in a sandboxed environment for better compatibility and organization.

Education is a key focus of Zorin OS 17.1, with the release of an Education edition that includes software tailored for learning at various levels. New features like the Reading Strip and Logseq are designed to aid students with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning needs, making education more accessible and effective.

The update also brings the latest LibreOffice 24.2, offering better compatibility with Microsoft Office documents and new collaboration features. This is part of Zorin OS's goal to be the best alternative to Windows for work environments.

Other improvements include updated pre-installed apps, support for more file formats, a new window placement option in Zorin Appearance, and enhanced security and compatibility with the latest hardware. With support for Zorin OS 17 series extending until June 2027, users can enjoy a secure and up-to-date experience.

Ultimately, Zorin OS 17.1 provides a compelling option for those looking to switch from Windows 11, with its user-friendly approach, enhanced app support, and focus on education and security. You can download an ISO here now.

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