Proton Mail launches desktop app for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Today, Proton Mail has expanded its secure communication platform with the launch of a dedicated desktop app, which was previously released in beta. The new desktop app complements Proton Mail’s existing web and mobile applications, ensuring users can maintain their email privacy across all devices without being confined to a web browser.

Proton Mail aims to provide users with the ability to access their email in their preferred manner without compromising privacy. The new desktop app addresses the privacy concerns associated with using email services like Outlook, which shares data with numerous external partners, and the risks of accessing emails through browsers like Chrome, which can expose browsing history to advertisers or be exploited by malicious browser extensions.

The desktop app offers a dedicated email experience, allowing users to enjoy Proton Mail’s productivity innovations without the distractions commonly encountered when using a browser. It is optimized to work with the user’s device, syncing with the desktop’s light or dark mode, displaying native notifications, and offering instant switching between mail and calendar.

The Proton Mail desktop app inherits a decade of security enhancements from the web application. Key features include zero-access encryption, end-to-end encryption, protection against trackers and phishing attempts, and the high-security account protection program, Proton Sentinel. The separate app provides additional security benefits, such as protection from rogue browser extensions and automatic updates independent of the browser.

The new app also introduces the Security Center, available on Windows, Linux (in beta), macOS, and the web app. This feature allows users to create hide-my-email aliases to protect their identity directly from the Proton Mail web and desktop apps.

The Proton Mail desktop app is now available for Windows and macOS users, with a 14-day free trial for those on a free Proton Mail plan. The Linux version is currently available in beta. You can download the desktop app here now.

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