Google rolls out Chrome for Arm-compatible Windows PCs

Google has announced the release of a new version of its Chrome browser, specifically optimized for Arm-compatible Windows PCs powered by Snapdragon processors. This update promises to deliver faster and smoother web browsing experiences for users of these devices.

The new version of Chrome has been designed to fully leverage the hardware and operating system of Arm-based Windows PCs. This optimization is expected to result in significant performance improvements, particularly with the upcoming Snapdragon X Elite platform, as noted by Cristiano Amon, President and CEO of Qualcomm Inc. He stated, "The new version of Google Chrome will help cement Snapdragon X Elite's role as the premier platform for Windows computing starting in mid-2024."

Chrome has long been known for its speed and security across various devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. This latest update aims to extend these benefits to a new range of devices, ensuring users have a consistent and high-quality browsing experience regardless of the platform.

In addition to enhanced performance, Chrome for Arm-compatible Windows PCs will offer strong built-in security features, access to generative AI capabilities, and a wide array of extensions and themes for personalization. These features are designed to make the browsing experience more secure, efficient, and tailored to individual preferences.

As someone who has owned a now-obsolete Arm-powered Microsoft Surface 2 since 2013, I can't help but wish this version of Chrome had been available back then -- maybe Windows RT wouldn’t have failed. Oh well. It's exciting to see how technology continues to evolve, bringing improved performance and capabilities to a wider range of devices.

The full version of Chrome for Arm-compatible Windows PCs powered by Snapdragon is rolling out this week. Users can look forward to downloading and experiencing the enhanced performance and features of this optimized browser.

What do you think about this new version of Chrome? Are you excited to try it out on your Arm-compatible Windows PC? Let me know in the comments below!

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