Canonical unveils Ubuntu Pro for Devices: Enhancing IoT security and compliance

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu Linux, has announced the launch of Ubuntu Pro for Devices, a new subscription service aimed at simplifying security and compliance for IoT device deployments. The service provides 10 years of security maintenance for Ubuntu and thousands of open source packages, including Python, Docker, OpenJDK, OpenCV, MQTT, OpenSSL, Go, and the Robot Operating System (ROS).

Ubuntu Pro for Devices offers device management capabilities through Landscape, Canonical’s systems management tool, and access to Real-time Ubuntu for latency-critical use cases. The subscription is available directly from Canonical and through a range of original device manufacturers (ODMs) in Canonical’s partner ecosystem, such as ADLINK, AAEON, Advantech, and DFI.

This launch expands Canonical’s collaboration with ODMs as demand for open source security and compliance grows in the embedded space. The service can be combined with Canonical’s Ubuntu Certified Hardware program to provide a top-tier Ubuntu experience on devices right out of the box and for up to a decade.

The service also addresses the evolving regulatory landscape, offering access to critical vulnerability fixes for a wide range of open source packages. This provides security coverage for developers and peace of mind for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Jason Huang, Director of AAEON’s UP Division, highlighted the significance of timely CVE fixes for computer vision software, particularly in light of recent US regulations.

In addition to security patching, Ubuntu Pro for Devices offers certified modules and hardening profiles to help organizations achieve compliance with standards such as FIPS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and others. Joe Chen, Director at Advantech, noted the importance of FIPS compliance for many of their public sector customers in the US, and how Ubuntu Pro for Devices serves as an ideal solution.

Remote device management is another critical aspect of IoT, and Ubuntu Pro for Devices includes this capability with Landscape. This tool automates security patching and audits across Ubuntu estates, allowing administrators to manage their Ubuntu instances from a single portal.

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