People prefer support from humans over AI when implementing CRM

A survey from CRM solution provider Workbooks finds participants voicing their strong preference for human support over AI-powered solutions.

This not entirely surprising result shows that while AI-powered support may offer efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it falls short of meeting the nuanced needs of businesses seeking personalized assistance.

Direct access to a human support team during and after CRM system deployment was voted the most important kind of support, receiving an average rating of 8.4 out of 10. In contrast, access to an AI-powered support bot was rated the least important, with an average score of only 4.3 out of 10.

Both single vendor and multi-party vendors received moderate ratings of around seven out of 10 for their approach to support, indicating that the type of vendor does not significantly influence preferences for human support.

These results suggest a growing disillusionment with increasingly AI-driven solutions used in CRM deployments.

"While AI is beginning to play a role in streamlining aspects of CRM, our survey underscores the enduring value of the human element in implementing and supporting this business-critical software," says Dan Roche, chief marketing officer at Workbooks. "People crave more than just digital assistance; they seek the irreplaceable value of human support in navigating the complexities and nuances of CRM implementations."

The desire for human support stems from a number of factors. A CRM is at the core of business interactions with customers. Businesses have unique requirements, and AI bots might struggle to address the specific needs and challenges that arise during deployment. Whereas human support teams can provide the flexibility and expertise necessary to navigate these complexities. Direct human interaction also helps open communication, allowing businesses to voice concerns and receive personalized solutions throughout the process.

"We recognize that the key to CRM success lies in the relationship between the user and the vendor," adds Roche. "By working directly with our customers, and not outsourcing implementation or support to third party partners, we ensure a seamless deployment process, and projects that deliver the expected outcomes for our customers, on-time and on-budget."

The full report is available from the Workbooks site.

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