Free test lets you check how websites measure up to privacy rules


Governments around the world have been busily introducing privacy rules over the last few years and only this month the US Congress introduced a draft of a new federal law, the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA).

But how do you know if the websites you use are following the rules? ImmuniWeb is launching a new free website privacy test with checks and verifications that cover specific requirements of the majority of modern privacy, data protection and consumer protection laws in the US, UK, Europe and other regions.

The test checks for:

  • Presence of tracking technologies
  • Presence of third-party content that may have privacy risks
  • Presence of privacy policies and cookies consent banners
  • Presence of tracking, third-party or persistent cookies
  • Presence of other privacy-invasive technologies
  • Presence of proper HTTPS encryption
  • Presence of exposed personal data
  • Presence of web forms

Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, chief architect and CEO at ImmuniWeb, says:

At ImmuniWeb, we are delighted to serve the cybersecurity community, helping many thousands of organizations and individuals from over one hundred countries to protect their data and reduce data breaches.

The new privacy test elegantly crowns the already existing six free tests, making our Community Edition one of the most comprehensive sets of free online security tools. Importantly, the privacy test provides a foundational privacy and data protection testing: to avoid hefty monetary fines and other legal ramifications, ImmuniWeb has cybersecurity compliance service designed to provide both technical and legal certainty to our customers relating to their cybersecurity and privacy.

We will continue to innovate and bring even more exciting free and commercial products to the market. Many existing news and announcements are coming soon, please stay tuned.

The new test adds to the portfolio of others available as part of ImmuniWeb's Community Edition. You can try it out for yourself here.

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