New tool lets enterprises build their own secure gen AI chatbots

Many companies have blocked access to public LLMs like ChatGPT due to security and compliance risks, preventing employees from taking advantage of the benefits of generative AI for day-to-day use.

Even when employees do have access, mainstream LLMs lack the ability to query an organization’s internal data, making insights unreliable and considerably limiting enterprise value for chat applications.

To address this AI platform Dataiku is launching Dataiku Answers, a new way for data teams to build generative AI-powered chat using retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). Teams can select their LLM of choice, feed it their organization's proprietary data through RAG techniques, and build tailored AI chatbots for all departments across their organization.

The result is secure, governed, and scalable conversational AI chatbots that contextualize information and produce relevant and reliable answers to an organization's unique set of questions.

"Every organization can and should be using Generative AI to streamline operations and work smarter, and data leaders need to be able to build these applications with the right level of transparency and reliability to mitigate risk at the right speed," says Sophie Dionnet, global VP, product and business solutions, at Dataiku. "With Dataiku Answers, we take the conversational experience of ChatGPT and the accuracy afforded by RAG to equip data leaders with the enterprise-grade security, control, and visibility required for smart and responsible innovation."

Dataiku Answers sits on top of the Dataiku LLM Mesh framework, this means data teams can connect to preferred LLM vendors like Anthropic, AWS Bedrock, Azure, Databricks, Google Vertext, OpenAI, and more, as well as vector stores like Pinecone, to build their AI chatbots. Alternatively, they can use self-hosted LLMs.

Dataiku Answers is available now and you can find out more on the company's site.

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