New platform allows fast creation of secure AI apps

Everyone is keen to embrace AI, but turning an idea into a workable application isn't that easy. B2B commerce platform AppDirect is launching a new marketplace and creation studio that boosts organizations’ ability to create, adopt, and benefit from AI apps.

AppDirect AI allows users to easily transform AI app ideas into reality without needing any coding skills, while also giving them the freedom to choose the most suitable large language model (LLM) provider for their business needs.

"From fostering seamless collaboration between teams to ensuring enterprise-grade privacy and security for every user and the ability to get an AI app up and running in minutes, AppDirect AI is designed to be the all-in-one AI solution businesses need," says Peush Patel, VP of product management at AppDirect. "We're democratizing the AI space. What differentiates AppDirect from other solutions is our agnostic approach. Our platform is built as an abstraction layer that ensures your AI solutions can quickly adapt to any underlying technology. Users should be able to control all aspects of the AI app they create -- including the LLM model or data sources to augment their AI’s knowledge -- without having to know or use code."

Unlike other solutions on the market, AppDirect AI lets users build their AI apps using the LLM that best suits their app’s purpose, such as OpenAI (GPT 3.5/4/Turbo, Anthropic (Claude 2.1/3), Cohere (Command), and Meta (Llama).

Users have flexibility in how they augment the AI with their data and update their AIs seamlessly. App creators can load their app with data from a wide variety of sources -- files, workspaces, drives, or websites -- and control how frequently data is updated to ensure their AI is always current.

You can find out more on the AppDirect site.

Photo Credit: Scanrail1/Shutterstock

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