CORSAIR ONE i500 compact Windows 11 gaming PC will give you wood

CORSAIR today introduced the ONE i500, a new compact PC designed to deliver powerhouse performance in a sleek, small form factor. This latest offering is targeted at content creators, AI-driven professionals, and gaming enthusiasts seeking top-tier components. As you can see from the photos, this PC will give you wood.

The CORSAIR ONE i500 stands out with its space-efficient design, being 30 percent smaller than traditional full-sized desktop PCs, yet it packs a significant punch. It features the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card and an Intel Core i9-14900K processor, both cooled using advanced liquid cooling technologies. This setup not only ensures optimal performance under heavy loads but also maintains a quieter operation compared to standard air-cooled systems.

With next-generation DDR5 memory and a 2TB NVMe SSD, the CORSAIR ONE i500 offers lightning-fast speeds and substantial storage capacity, meeting the demands of intensive multitasking and high-resolution content creation. The PC's innovative liquid cooling system enhances thermal efficiency, keeping the CPU and GPU temperatures low for sustained performance gains.

The aesthetics of the CORSAIR ONE i500 are equally impressive. Encased in an aluminum chassis with FSC-Certified real wood panels that feature a unique natural grain, this PC is designed to blend beautifully into any modern workspace or gaming setup. The inclusion of customizable underglow and front-panel lighting, along with a touch-sensor spotlight for the rear I/O, allows users to personalize their setups and easily access a variety of high-performance connectivity options.

For those looking to future-proof their investment, the CORSAIR ONE i500 provides easy upgradability with industry-standard PCIe, RAM, and SSD slots. The CORSAIR ONE ORIGIN Edition can be customized further, supporting up to 192GB of DDR5 memory and 24TB of storage, along with options for additional capture cards, network cards, audio cards, and USB expansion cards.

CORSAIR offers the ONE i500 in two color options—Wood Dark and Wood Bright—with pricing starting at $3,599.

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