Proton launches Pass Monitor to enhance online security amid rising data breaches

In response to a dramatic 78 percent increase in data breaches from 2022 to 2023, Proton is launching Pass Monitor, a new security feature within its password manager designed to bolster the protection of user data. Last year alone, over 3,205 data breaches jeopardized the personal information of more than 353 million people, underscoring the need for enhanced security measures.

Pass Monitor aims to provide users with comprehensive security by notifying them of potential vulnerabilities and breaches that could affect their online accounts. This initiative reflects Proton's commitment to making security user-friendly and proactive.

Pass Monitor includes several critical security measures. It offers Dark Web Monitoring, which scans dark web marketplaces for leaked information related to Proton addresses, email aliases, and up to 10 custom email addresses. Users will be alerted immediately upon discovery of their data, allowing for swift action to secure affected accounts. Additionally, the Password Health feature acts as a security checkup, identifying weak or reused passwords that may compromise account safety. Users are advised to update these vulnerabilities promptly.

The service also highlights accounts that could benefit from enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), an effective measure against unauthorized access. Complementing these features, Proton Sentinel, which combines AI and human analysis to prevent account takeovers, has been integrated into Pass Monitor, enhancing its capability to defend users from sophisticated attacks.

Pass Monitor will be available in the coming days to all users across all devices, with core features like Password Health and 2FA checks included in the free plan. More advanced options, such as Dark Web Monitoring and Proton Sentinel, are accessible through the Pass Plus plan.

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