BenQ launches RD Series of monitors for programmers

Do programmers really need a specialized monitor, or is it just a marketing gimmick? BenQ seems to think it's essential, and the new RD Series might prove the company right. Designed specifically for programmers, these monitors offer unique features like advanced anti-glare panels, a dedicated coding mode, and ergonomic adjustments that cater directly to the demands of coding professionals.

The RD Series includes a unique coding mode, offering clear fonts that improve code readability in both light and dark themes. This mode is accessible via the Coding HotKey on the function bar, designed to help programmers maintain focus. The monitors are built to maximize clarity and efficiency, allowing for comfortable long-term use.

The RD Series also features the MoonHalo backlight design, providing a blend of elegance and soothing illumination. Users can adjust settings such as brightness, color temperature, and light mode to fit their preferences.

To support eye health and comfort during extended coding sessions, the RD Series includes Night Hours Protection with minimum brightness technology, an eye-care filter for low-light environments, and dark-room display optimization. The Brightness Intelligence Gen2 technology automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient light conditions.

The RD Series offers several models: RD240Q (16:10 aspect ratio, 24.1-inch), RD280U and RD280UA (3:2, 28.2-inch), and RD320U and RD320UA (16:9, 31.5-inch). These models provide options for ergonomic adjustability and fixed stands. The smaller models feature productivity-oriented aspect ratios that accommodate more lines of code vertically, while the larger model offers ample screen space for complex coding tasks.

In addition to the hardware features, the RD Series includes default KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) and Multi-Stream Transport technology, enabling multiple extended displays from a single USB-C port. The Display Pilot 2 software offers features like shortcuts, desktop partitioning, application modes, software dimming, and circadian mode.

Reflecting BenQ's commitment to sustainability, the RD Series incorporates recycled materials and energy-efficient design, aligning with eco-friendly practices in product development.

Want your own RD monitor? The BenQ RD280U can be had here now for $599.99.

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