Microsoft PC Manager utility warns Windows 11 users switching from Bing that they need to 'repair' their PC

Windows 11 tiles

The Microsoft PC Manager app -- a free and official tweaking and optimization utility available from the Microsoft Store -- is the latest software from the company to offer up questionable and controversial advice.

We've already seen the appearance of ads (or recommendations as Microsoft prefers to call them) in Windows itself, Office and Edge. Now users of the Microsoft PC Manager who have changed Edge's search engine to something other than Bing are being told that this is something that needs to be repaired.

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The advice appears in the recently added "Repair tips" section of the Microsoft PC Manager utility. Here users are warned that "Edge initial settings have been changed", and there is the option to fix things by clicking a Reset button.

What is happening here is slightly complicated and potentially divisive. On one hand it is possible to regard this as a helpful security step that could make users aware of unwanted changes to their system. On the other, it could easily be seen as yet another example of Microsoft using slightly underhand tactics to promote its own products.

While the app does not explicitly say to users "your PC is broken", it is strongly implied. As only something that is broken can be repaired, the appearance of the Edge settings reset options under a "Repair tips" heading suggests that something is indeed broken, particularly to less experienced PC users -- and this is arguably the bulk of the Microsoft PC Manager user base.

The strange advice (or strangely worded advice) was first noticed by Windows Latest which also points out that Microsoft is far from being alone in pushing its own products. However, the fact that Google heavily promotes Chrome does not really justify Microsoft's actions, especially considering the strong reactions to previous instances of self-promotion by the company.

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