Budget is the top barrier to cloud security objectives

Cloud dollars

A new survey shows that 59 percent of executives say budget/cost is the top roadblock to achieving their cloud security objectives, followed by complexity (47 percent) and lack of skilled resources (41 percent).

The study from Gatepoint Research for Orca Security of 200 senior decision makers also reveals that 57 percent of respondents identify misconfigurations as their top cloud security risk, followed by unauthorized access (50 percent), data breaches (35 percent), insecure APIs (31 percent), lack of visibility (29 percent), and malicious insiders (12 percent).

"The report underlines what we are seeing in the field, namely that resource constraints in the form of budget and skills are top challenges to cloud security," says Gil Geron, CEO and co-founder of Orca Security. "While on average organizations are purchasing five or more security tools, this does not seem to be providing the much needed visibility and is only adding complexity by having to manage disparate tools. The way forward is a consolidated cloud security platform that provides 100 percent visibility across cloud estates, is low maintenance, and offers built-in generative AI capabilities to simplify tasks, lower required skill thresholds, and speed up remediation."

When asked about changes that could dramatically improve cloud security posture, 47 percent of respondents say sharpening/increasing visibility across the cloud environment would drive the most improvement, followed by threat prioritization/automate risk mitigation (39 percent), simplifying cloud security tools (37 percent), reduce overhead costs (33 percent), and increasing security team headcount (21 percent).

Top objectives for cloud security include improving infrastructure (28 percent), followed by increasing efficiency (25 percent), maintaining compliance (25 percent), scaling the security team (13 percent), and securing supply chains (six percent).

You can read more and get the full report on the Orca site.

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