New Dashlane tool warns of compromised credentials

Credentials on sticky note

Leaked or stolen credentials remain a major cause of security breaches and reuse of passwords between accounts only compounds the problem.

Password manager company Dashlane is launching new automated tool to empower admins to proactively create a more security-conscious workforce and drive better credential security behavior across their organization, reducing the risk of credential theft.

Dashlane Nudges immediately notifies users if Dashlane detects that a password in their vault has been compromised via dark web monitoring, and provides users with actionable steps to change the password and remediate the risk. Admins can also configure settings to trigger a targeted message informing the user directly about the security threat.

"Progress often happens incrementally in security. As awareness grows and users understand the critical role they play in securing the business, the overall security posture of the organization will benefit greatly," says John Bennett, chief executive officer of Dashlane. "Businesses can create a positive security culture by reinforcing that every employee is part of the security team, and making good credential hygiene easy by meeting users where they are already."

Integrations with messaging platforms to deliver Nudges are set to be rolled out, starting with Slack in private beta this summer. You can join the beta program here.

"Every credential not properly managed and secured represents a point of risk, especially given the explosion of SaaS apps in the enterprise," says Donald Hasson, chief product officer at Dashlane. "Dashlane does the work for IT admins to help them proactively monitor and act once risk or a threat is identified, and make it incredibly easy for users to create a strong, unique password."

The Nudges tool is being launched at Identiverse 2024 and you can find out more on the Dashlane site.

Image credit: Georgy Timoshin / Shutterstock

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