Framework launches upgraded Laptop 13 with Intel Core Ultra processors

Framework has unveiled the latest iteration of its Laptop 13, now equipped with Intel Core Ultra Series 1 processors, a high-resolution 2880x1920 120Hz display option, and a new 9.2MP webcam. The new webcam technology borrows techniques from modern smartphone cameras, delivering superior low-light performance and clearer audio with its upgraded microphones.

This year’s model marks the fourth generation of Framework Laptop 13 utilizing Intel processors, each iteration benefiting from significant performance enhancements. The latest Intel Core Ultra Series 1 processors offer substantial improvements in efficiency and battery life, notably during video playback. These processors support up to 96GB of DDR5 memory and feature a blend of 6 Performance and 8 Efficient cores, which elevate both productivity and gaming capabilities.

Framework has also introduced a new display option with a 2.8k resolution that provides a crystal-clear viewing experience, perfect for high-resolution text and graphics. The display is optimized for Linux users, offering seamless 2:1 display scaling, and is available as a configurable option on the DIY Edition or as an upgrade via the Framework Marketplace.

For business users, Framework introduces configurations designed specifically for professional environments, featuring a 3-year warranty and pre-installed Windows 11 Pro with Autopilot support. These offerings cater to an increasing demand from IT managers seeking durable, repairable, and customizable computing solutions.

Framework continues to push the envelope in modular and repairable laptop design, offering an array of customization options, including new expansion cards and system modules. These enhancements not only extend the lifespan of the laptops but also allow users to tailor their devices to specific needs and preferences.

Pre-orders for the new Framework Laptop 13 are available starting today here, with deliveries expected to commence in August. These updates are accessible in the 14 countries Framework currently operates in, with an upcoming launch in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark scheduled for June.

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