Backbone announces limited edition Post Malone mobile gaming controller

On June 25th, Backbone will release a new version of its Backbone One controller: a limited edition collaboration with hip-hop star Post Malone. This partnership is part of a growing trend of music and gaming industries coming together.

The controller, named “Backbone One - Post Malone Limited Edition,” features design elements reflective of Post Malone’s distinct look. It showcases a bold green translucent color, an aluminum D-pad, and aluminum ABXY buttons with laser etching. Additionally, the controller features a glow-in-the-dark logo.

An essential part of Post Malone's travel kit, apparently, the Backbone One allows him to engage with his favorite games such as WWE 2K24, Apex Legends, and Hunt Showdown, maintaining his gaming routine even while on tour. Or so Backbone says.

This edition is not only a gaming accessory but also a collector's item. You see, only 500 units are being produced. Each controller comes in hand-assembled, sequentially numbered packaging, enhancing its exclusivity.

The Backbone One - Post Malone Limited Edition Controller will be available for purchase exclusively on Backbone’s website starting at 9:00 AM PST on June 25th. It will cost $199.99.

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