Microsoft concedes that a recent update is causing Windows 11 upgrade problems

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What's the time? Well, it's time for yet another problematic update from Microsoft! The culprit on this occasion is the KB5039212 update from earlier this month, and it's especially worrying for the enterprise.

As it includes security fixes, this particular update is one that would have been installed automatically on many systems. But in addition to addressing security issues, the KB5039212 update also brought problems of its own; Microsoft has acknowledged a Windows 11 upgrade issue. Not for the first time, a fix is yet to be created.

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There is a bit of good news -- the number of people affected by the issue is reduced because of the specifics of the problem. The issue rears its head when trying to upgrade from Windows 11 Pro to Windows 11 Enterprise, something a limited number of Windows users are likely to engage in each day.

In an update to the release notes for the KB5039212 update, Microsoft explains that "after installing this update or later updates, you might face issues while upgrading from Windows Pro to a valid Windows Enterprise subscription".

The company goes on to say:

Resulting from this operation, you might observe the following symptoms: - OS upgrade operations may fail, and this might be shown in the LicenseAcquisition scheduled task in Task Scheduler -> Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Subscription as 'Access denied error (error code 0x80070005)' under 'Last Run Result'.

Presenting a scenario that feels increasingly familiar, Microsoft acknowledges the problem but fails to offer up a solution. The company wheels out a tried-and-tested line: "We are working on a resolution that will be released on a Windows update in the coming weeks".

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