Bye bye Microsoft Windows 11: Hello Nitrux 3.5.1, the secure, lightweight Linux alternative

Nitrux 3.5.1 "nm" is now available here, delivering an updated, streamlined Linux distribution with a substantial reduction in its ISO file size and a host of performance improvements. This release positions itself as a viable alternative for those currently using Windows 11, offering greater flexibility in hardware support and a strong emphasis on user privacy -- a notable contrast to the often-critiqued privacy policies of Windows.

Key updates in Nitrux 3.5.1 include the latest software such as Firefox version 127.0.2 and updated drivers for NVIDIA and AMD, enhancing graphic performance across a variety of hardware. Additionally, the MESA 3D Graphics Library has been bumped to version 24.1.2. Notably, the OS is powered by the Linux kernel 6.9.7-1 (Liquorix), which enhances its compatibility and performance across various hardware platforms.

One of the significant changes in this release is the overhaul of NetworkManager, which now integrates more seamlessly with Dnsmasq and DNSCrypt-Proxy 2, allowing for more robust and secure network management. This version of Nitrux also sees the ISO size reduced to 2.80 GiB from the previous 4.28 GiB, facilitating quicker downloads and installations -- an appealing feature for users with bandwidth constraints.

Additionally, Nitrux 3.5.1 has enhanced its security measures. Although acknowledging that no system can be completely "unhackable," the developers have continued to refine their security protocols, as evidenced by updates to system tools such as Bluez for Bluetooth management and lm-sensors for monitoring hardware health. These tools are crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of the operating system.

For users contemplating a shift from Windows 11, Nitrux 3.5.1 offers a more customizable, lightweight alternative that does not compromise on functionality or privacy. With its updated components, reduced footprint, and commitment to security, Nitrux 3.5.1 caters to both new users and seasoned Linux enthusiasts looking for a fresh and efficient operating system.

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