Breaches increase despite confidence in security measures

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Despite there being a record-breaking number of data breaches in the last year, 63 percent of organizations report that they believe their security measures are effective.

A new report from Dasera looks at how data risk perceptions and actual preparedness against breaches fluctuates across different industries and finds the top threats concerning organizations are data breaches, ransomware, insider threats, and misconfigurations.

The information technology and financial services industries show the most confidence in their data security strategies. The government sector faces more challenges and has less confidence in its data security measures, while healthcare is the only industry where no organization rated its data security strategy ineffective.

"How organizations handle and manage personal and sensitive data is under increased scrutiny and tightening standards," says Ani Chaudhuri, CEO and co-founder of Dasera. "Despite this, our report found that many organizations overestimate their security measures, leading to significant corporate risks like reputational and financial losses. As attacks become more sophisticated and targeted, organizations must proactively assess and secure their data security posture to close the gap between perceived security strength and the reality of breaches."

The report finds that most organizations view their data security strategy as effective, with 44 percent considering it somewhat effective and 19 percent rating it as very effective. 72 percent say they use audits, in-house legal teams, compliance software, and external consultants to ensure compliance.

There is increased adoption of data monitoring tools, 27 percent of organizations have implemented data cataloging tools reflecting proactive data management and security measures. 50 percent of data stores are cloud data platforms, signifying substantial cloud service adoption for data management.

In addition 60 percent of organizations have implemented a role-based access control system, while 38 percent use manual and automated processes to classify sensitive data, showing the importance of accurate data categorization in enhancing security.

You can get the full report from the Dasera site.

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