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Maximize workspace efficiency: Sabrent Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station with Monitor Desk Mount (DS-T4WA)

Docking stations are so common these days, that’s it’s hard to really get excited about them. With that said, the newest such dock from Sabrent has a unique aspect that you will want to check out. You see, the Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station with Monitor Desk Mount (DS-T4WA) offers Thunderbolt 4 technology and a gas-lift monitor arm to enhance workspace flexibility and connectivity. Yes, it’s a dock and monitor arm in one!

This docking station supports high-speed data transfer up to 40Gbps with its Thunderbolt 4 downstream port. It features two 10Gbps USB-C ports, one 10Gbps USB-A port, and one 5Gbps USB-A port, accommodating a variety of devices. Additionally, the station includes a UHS-II microSD/SD card reader, Gigabit Ethernet, and a 3.5mm audio port.

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Lessons learned from the Microsoft-CrowdStrike outage

The tech world is still reeling from the recent widespread system outages caused by a CrowdStrike update last week. These outages are a stark reminder of the interconnected nature of our digital ecosystem and how far-reaching the consequences of a single update can be.

Let's address the global impact of the recent incident -- thousands of Windows machines worldwide experienced the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). And this wasn't just a minor hiccup; we saw major disruptions across the banking, aviation, broadcasting, and retail sectors. It really drives home how interconnected our digital world has become and how a single update can have far-reaching consequences.

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Everything you need to fully transform Windows 10 into Windows 7

Six months ago, we showed you how it was possible to transform Windows 10 or 11 into Windows 7 or Vista with a single command, an article which -- it has to be said -- proved rather divisive.

Now YouTube channel Come on Windows has released a video showing Windows 10 being fully transformed into Windows 7, and has provided links to the software you need should you wish to try this idea out for yourself.

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Amusing BSoDs from around the world following CrowdStrike's disastrous Windows outage

When CrowdStrike issued a faulty security update on Friday, the impact was nothing less than catastrophic, causing a global IT outage that made Windows computers crash, impacting an estimated 8.5 million systems around the world.

"We understand the profound impact this has had on everyone. We know our customers, partners, and their IT teams are working tirelessly, and we’re profoundly grateful. We apologize for the disruption this has created,” CrowdStrike said on LinkedIn.

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2024 Paris Olympics -- cybersecurity risks and top tips to keep data safe [Q&A]

In recent years, mobile devices have taken center stage and we've become mobile-first users, where mobile devices are our first choice for how we communicate, navigate, work, bank, take photos, shop and stay informed about the world around us. Our increased reliance on mobile phones is not without its risks.

According to Zimperium's Global Mobile Threat Report 2023, 43 percent of all compromised devices were fully exploited (not jailbroken or rooted), an increase of 187 percent year-over-year, a shocking number.

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OpenMandriva ROME 24.07: A Linux-based alternative to Microsoft Windows 11 following Crowdstrike BSOD disaster

The release of OpenMandriva ROME 24.07 offers a timely Linux alternative for users considering a switch from Microsoft Windows 11, particularly in the wake of the recent Crowdstrike-induced BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) disaster. This rolling release integrates the latest from the Release Candidate, featuring updated packages and enhanced stability.

At the forefront of this release is the introduction of KDE Plasma 6 as the default desktop environment, designed to enhance user experience with its improved aesthetics and functionality. For those seeking variety, there are additional spins available with LXQt (2.0.0 Qt6) and GNOME(46.3). It's important to note that while a Wayland-based ISO is offered, OpenMandriva advises that Wayland might not fully replace X11 for all users just yet, especially when used in VirtualBox environments.

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Hitachi-LG Data Storage announces 'Lies of P' Edition Tube T31 external USB SSD, exclusively at Newegg

Hitachi-LG Data Storage, in partnership with SK hynix and NEOWIZ, is set to release a limited edition external USB SSD, the Tube T31 Lies of P Edition. This product will be available exclusively at, with only 300 units slated for sale in the United States starting from July 22. Pricing details have not yet been announced.

The Tube T31 is designed to be portable and user-friendly. It features plug-and-play compatibility via USB-A with PCs, consoles, TVs, and laptops, enhancing its practicality for both gaming and general use.

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Twitch reinstates Donald Trump's account as he becomes official Republican nominee

In a recent statement to Engadget, Twitch has confirmed that is has restored former President Donald Trump's account on the live streaming platform. Owned by Amazon, Twitch emphasized the importance of direct communication from presidential nominees.

The decision comes amidst a backdrop of heightened security concerns and political tension. "We reinstated former President Trump’s Twitch channel," Twitch said in the statement. "We believe there is value in hearing from Presidential nominees directly, when possible. Trump is now the official Republican nominee for US President." This move by Twitch underscores a broader strategy to provide a platform for significant political figures to engage with the public directly.

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New Apple Immersive Video content premieres on Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro users are now be able to enjoy a new range of content captured in Apple Immersive Video. This format uses 3D video recorded in 8K with a 180-degree field of view and Spatial Audio to deliver a highly realistic experience. Apple’s lineup includes series, films, and special performances.

The series “Boundless” kicks off with an episode called “Hot Air Balloons,” taking viewers over Cappadocia, Türkiye. “Wild Life,” a nature documentary series, will continue in August with a focus on orphaned elephants in Kenya. In September, “Elevated” will feature stunning aerial views of Hawaii.

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Google URL Shortener to end in 2025

Google's URL Shortener service will be fully discontinued after August 25, 2025. Originally transitioned to Firebase Dynamic Links in 2018, the service stopped accepting new URLs but continued to support existing ones. Now, Google has announced it will cease serving these links.

Starting August 23, 2024, users will encounter an interstitial page on some links. This page will notify users of the service’s impending shutdown and will increasingly appear before the links direct to their original destinations. After August 25, 2025, all links will return a 404 error.

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Workplaces plagued by risky security behavior

Research released by KnowBe4 shows that 75 percent of security professionals have witnessed employees displaying risky security behaviors at work and 62 percent admit to risky behavior themselves.

Top risky things that cybersecurity pros admit to include using entertainment or streaming services (33 percent), using GenAI within the organization (31 percent), sharing personal information (14 percent), using gaming or gambling websites at work (10 percent) and using adult entertainment websites (two percent).

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Make your Windows PC run cooler and more energy efficient with this free app [Update]

Outbyte has launched a new app designed to improve energy efficiency for systems running Windows 10 and 11. The free application optimizes CPU performance, reducing power consumption by up to 34 percent and decreasing carbon emissions to support environmental sustainability.

The Camomile app works by adjusting CPU voltage and frequency to prevent unnecessary spikes in power usage, which are common with default chipset configurations. These spikes often cause CPUs to overheat and fans to work harder, increasing noise and decreasing system efficiency. By keeping CPU operations within manufacturer-recommended speeds, Camomile reportedly helps mitigate these issues, extending battery life, and improving the overall user experience.

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Best Windows apps this week

Six-hundred-four in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 and 11 on the Microsoft Store and elsewhere in the past seven days.

Windows 11 version 23H2 is now broadly available according to Microsoft. This means that everyone with an eligible device should get it when searching for the update under Windows Update in Settings. Non-managed devices with Windows 11 version 22H2 will be updated automatically in the coming months.

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Bad CrowdStrike update causes major outages of Microsoft systems worldwide

You'll doubtless be aware already of the major outages of Microsoft systems today causing problems for airports, rail operators, banks, retailers, broadcasters and more.

Among the disruption stores found themselves unable to accept payments and in the UK Sky News’s breakfast show was taken off air. Some airports were forced to use whiteboards to show flight departure information.

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How DevOps teams can get ready to explore DORA [Q&A]

It's essential for businesses to get security, privacy and governance right -- not only to prevent breaches, but also comply with increasing numbers of regulations.

DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) best practices are the gold standard for spotting vulnerabilities across both cloud and mainframe environments and improving development efficiency.

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