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Goodbye Google Reader -- I'm switching to Readable.cc

It really doesn’t make any sense for Google to be shutting down such a widely used and cherished feeds subscriber as Google Reader, but the web giant isn’t going to change its mind unfortunately, so we must look towards alternatives that we can adopt.

But with countless options to choose from, where should one even begin looking? An excellent place to start is a website called Readable.cc.

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You will be able to trade-in or resell Xbox One games, says Microsoft

Almost two weeks ago Microsoft unveiled its next generation console, the Xbox One. The unveiling did not disclose the pricing and launch date of the gaming system, nor whether it would be possible for Xbox One buyers to trade-in or resell used games.

We still don’t know the retail details, but we do have a clear idea about trading games thanks to an assurance from Larry Hyrb and an official confirmation from Microsoft.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor to power Windows RT 8.1 devices

There is a lot of hype about Windows 8.1, but we haven’t heard all that much about Windows RT as of late. The operating system is derived from Windows 8 and designed for mobile devices that utilize the ARM architecture.

Today at Computex 2013, Qualcomm announces that its high end processor, the Snapdragon 800, will power at least some of the next generation of Windows RT 8.1 devices.

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Acer releases its first phablet -- the Liquid S1

We all thought that smartphones would become smaller and more portable with the passage of time. However, the opposite seems to be true as smartphone manufacturers are all creating devices with bigger and better displays.

Today at Computex 2013, Taiwanese manufacturer Acer reveals its first phablet, the Liquid S1 running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and boasting a 5.7 inch HD display with 1280 by 720 resolution.

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Asus unveils Transformer Book Trio -- a Windows 8 and Android hybrid

At Computex 2013, Asus unveiled the Transformer Book Trio or what it calls "a three-in-one mobile device" that can be a Windows 8 notebook when connected to the keyboard, a Windows 8 desktop PC, or a standalone Android tablet.

The Transformer Book Trio runs two operating systems -- Android (Jelly Bean) and Windows 8 -- and is designed to switch between the two seamlessly, giving users access to over 700,000 apps from Google Play and Windows Store.

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