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New AI capability helps empower DevSecOps teams


Security teams are constantly caught between the need to keep pace with security testing and the ability to allow developer teams to operate in a rapid DevOps environment.

To address this, application security provider WhiteHat Security is adding artificial intelligence to its dynamic application security testing solution WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic.

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Security teams turn to automation to tackle avalanche of alerts

business security

High numbers of alerts and the resources needed to deal with them are causing problems for security teams and leading them to turn to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) tools in order to cope.

A new report from security automation specialist Demisto finds teams are being inundated with more than 174,000 alerts every week and security teams are only able to review and respond to around 12,000 of them.

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New forecasting solution helps companies reduce cyber risk

Risk dial

The current feeling is that the chances of a company being hacked is a matter of when rather than if, but businesses continue to struggle with how to actually measure if their security solutions are working.

Security ratings company BitSight is launching a new tool that will help customers identify the optimal course of action needed to improve their overall risk posture.

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How well are high availability applications supported?

Tech suport

Most businesses have critical applications that are vital to their remaining in operation. But support for these programs is a mixed picture according to a new report.

The study from application availability specialist SIOS Technology finds 86 percent of organizations are operating their high availability (HA) applications with some kind of clustering or high availability mechanism in place.

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Over 12 million Brits have fallen victim to online fraud

payment card shopping cart

Almost one in four Brits (23 percent) have been victims of fraud when shopping online -- with eight percent duped more than once, according to a new study

The inaugural Fraud Tracker report from online payment service Shieldpay  shows that the average victim loses £608, yet receives only £55 back from their bank.

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A third of organizations say their leadership doesn't understand the value of data


According to a new study, 32 percent of UK business and IT decision makers think their business leaders don't understand the role of data and the value it creates.

The research from analytic database firm Exasol finds 80 percent of organizations are unable to function without their data sources, with 25 percent being totally reliant on data to drive daily operations and decision-making.

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Chrome vulnerability leaves Wi-Fi networks open to attack

Chrome icon with a padlock

Millions of home Wi-Fi networks could be easily hacked, even when the network is protected by a strong password, thanks to a flaw in Chrome-based browsers.

Researchers at cybersecurity and penetration testing consultancy SureCloud  have uncovered a weakness in the way Google Chrome and Opera browsers, among others, handle saved passwords and how those saved passwords are used to interact with home Wi-Fi routers over unencrypted connections.

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New tools bring natural language search to big data

Big data magnifier

Businesses need easy and fast access to information in order to make effective decisions, but with the rise of big data important information can be hard to access and remain locked away.

Visual analytics specialist Arcadia data has announced new search-based BI and analytics which will be available in an upcoming release of its flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise.

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Six out of 10 Brits think technology will make jobs obsolete

Developer recruitment

Technology is destroying jobs, 61 percent of British respondents to a new survey believe, despite evidence to the contrary.

The study by polling organization YouGov for recruitment site LynxPro finds only 14 percent believe technology is having no impact on the jobs market, while just 11 percent think it's creating jobs.

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Botnet distribution of remote access Trojans doubles

Trojan horse

Since the beginning of 2017, the number of remote access Trojan (RAT) files found among the malware distributed by botnets has almost doubled, according to a new report.

The botnet activity report from Kaspersky Lab analyzed more than 150 malware families and their modifications circulating through 60,000 botnets around the world.

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80 percent of enterprises struggle to protect machine identities


The protection of human identities tends to be high on the agenda for organizations, but what about machine identities?

Recent increases in the number of machines on enterprise networks, shifts in technology, IoT devices and new computing capabilities have created a set of challenges that require increased focus on protecting machine identities.

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New technology moves AIOps out to the edge

Edge computing

Artificial intelligence for operations (AIOps) is gaining ground, allowing businesses to use AI and machine learning on big data from their devices and IT tools to find and address problems in real time.

Pioneer in the field Moogsoft is launching a new tool that extends its core AIOps platform capabilities from centralized analytics outwards to the data source.

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Attention span of a goldfish? Maybe the message is at fault

Goldfish and laptop

It's commonly assumed that the internet and electronic communication is making people less able to concentrate and leading to shorter attention spans.

But a new study from presentation platform Prezi finds that in fact attention spans may not be shrinking, rather they are evolving to be more selective.

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SocialChorus platform aims to modernize workforce communications


As technology makes many workplaces more fragmented with staff out in the field or working from home, keeping everyone up to date with company activity can become a major challenge.

Workforce communications platform SocialChorus is aiming to provide a seamless and scalable experience for internal communicators with the launch of its new Innovation Lab.

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The top cybersecurity concerns for IT and business

business fear

Everyone is aware that cybersecurity threats are out there, but what are the biggest threats and are IT and business executives worried about the same things?

New research from data security specialist Varonis highlights some major differences -- and potential challenges -- when it comes to communicating and aligning on key threats.

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