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New solution delivers zero trust for multi-cloud and hybrid access

Cloud access

As more organizations move their operations to the cloud and networks become more fragmented, ensuring safe, secure access to systems becomes more difficult.

Secure access specialist Pulse Secure is launching a new Pulse Zero Trust Access (PZTA) solution. A cloud-based, multi-tenant secure access platform that enables organizations to provide users with easy, anywhere access to multi-cloud and data center applications.

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IT gets bigger budgets and more respect as a result of COVID-19

High five

A survey of 153 IT decision makers across the UK and US finds that 43 percent of IT leaders feel more respected by their business counterparts since the start of the pandemic.

The research by digital transformation company Ensono also reveals that one in three have been given more scope to define IT spend and a third of organizations are looking to increase IT budgets.

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Security professionals don't have the tools they need to detect threats


A new survey of over 300 security professionals reveals that 93 percent feel they lack the tools to detect known security threats, and 92 percent say they are still in need of appropriate preventative solutions to close current security gaps.

The study from security operations center specialist LogRhythm also finds that 75 percent of security professionals now experience more work stress than they did just two years ago.

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Enterprises press ahead with modernizing applications

developers looking at screen pointing

A new study from cloud solutions provider AHEAD shows that most enterprises are committed to modernizing their application software portfolios, but there are still challenges to overcome and improvements to be made.

Based on a survey conducted by Hanover Research the report shows only 37 percent of respondents are very satisfied with how fast they are currently delivering new software or new features.

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Forcepoint SASE solution helps protect enterprise clouds

cloud padlock

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology is increasingly being used to enable secure and fast cloud adoption, helping ensure both users and devices have safe cloud access to applications, data and services from anywhere.

Cybersecurity company Forcepoint is entering this market with a new suite of SASE solutions, including a Cloud Security Gateway and zero trust Private Access features.

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New Chrome extension provides security check on open source code

xs:code Insights

Developers frequently make use of open source components in order to speed up projects and save them having to reinvent tasks. But this can lead to the introduction of hidden security risks.

Now though open source marketplace xs:code is launching a new, free Chrome extension, xs:code Insights, which provides users with intuitive, in-depth analytics on open source repositories, including repository score, security analysis, maintenance and activity status, reviews, ratings and more.

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NTT launches secure solutions for remote working with Teams

remote work

Research from technology services company NTT Data shows that 56 percent of office workers still expect an element of working from home in their jobs even when offices reopen.

The future workplace is likely to involve a blend of working remotely and working in the office. Core to enabling this new hybrid way of working is secure communication and collaboration technology, particularly Microsoft Teams.

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Gmail to start showing authenticated brand logos to fight phishing scams


The DMARC standard for email verification has been around for several years. Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance has the potential to rebuild trust in email communications plagued by spam and phishing.

Google's announcement this week that it's about to start piloting the display of authenticated brand logos in Gmail could mark the start of the technology's mainstream adoption.

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How traffic analysis can help protect business networks [Q&A]

Networked computers

One of the biggest challenges that cybersecurity teams face at the moment is alert noise which can blind them to real threats.

Corporate performance management (CPM) specialist Prophix Software recently chose to adopt a network traffic analysis (NTA) solution to address this issue. We spoke to Kristofer Laxdal, the company's director of information security to discover why it chose invest in NTA technology and what benefits it's seeing.

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We're too boring to be hacked say millennials


Research into changing 'digital comfort zones' during the pandemic shows that 37 percent of millennials think they're too boring to be a victim of cybercrime.

The study from Kaspersky finds that millennials are now spending almost two extra hours online every day and almost half say this has made them more aware of their digital security, with 36 percent saying that they should be doing more to strengthen it.

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Organizations are not doing enough to improve SOCs

security breach

The average security operations center (SOC) has considerable room for improvement according to a new report from automation and response platform SIRP Labs.

Almost a third (29 percent) of respondents believe missed alerts due to high volumes are a significant, even a serious, problem. In companies of 1,000-2,500 employees the figure rises to 46 percent.

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Data engineering teams struggle to keep up with demand

stressed overwork pressure

New research from Ascend.io finds that since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic 78 percent of data professionals have been asked to take on responsibilities outside of their core job function, with 97 percent now signaling their teams are at or over capacity.

The study of over 300 data scientists, data engineers and enterprise architects in the US also reveals that to increase capacity 89 percent of data professionals are turning to automation, low-code, or no-code technologies, with 73 percent citing automation as an opportunity for career advancement.

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Cybercriminals use new techniques to target eCommerce sites

Shopping cart key

With bricks and mortar stores largely shut down for much of the first half of 2020, it’s no real surprise to find that cybercriminals have been targeting eCommerce sites.

New research from IntSights looks at how there has been a rise in cybercriminals targeting eCommerce sites using a variety of attack methods, such as skimming attacks, account takeovers and ransomware.

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Malware attacks down as ransomware increases


The latest Cyber Threat Report from SonicWall shows a 24 percent drop in malware attacks worldwide, while there’s been a 20 percent jump in ransomware globally and a 109 percent spike in the US.

There's also been a 176 percent increase in malicious Microsoft Office file types and a 50 percent rise in IoT malware attacks as cybercriminals seek to use devices as a backdoor to business networks via home workers.

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Most businesses believe they will emerge stronger from the pandemic

strength weightlifter

New research commissioned by Cisco looks at what lessons have been learned as many businesses begin rolling out return to work strategies following the COVID-19 outbreak.

The study interviewed 1,500 managers across 13 countries and one of the key findings is that 74 percent of respondents say their business will in some ways emerge stronger from the crisis.

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