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Sophisticated keyloggers target financial services companies


Analysis of malware samples found among finance firms has uncovered an unusually large number of iSpy keylogger samples. iSpy is a variant of the notorious HawkEye logger.

Network-based malware protection specialist Lastline intercepted the logger's communication with the command and control server and detected the active exfiltration of website, email and FTP credentials, as well as license key information for installed products.

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Companies are still struggling to secure the cloud

cloud padlock

A new survey from data analytics platform Sumo Logic finds a staggering 98 percent of European companies face organizational challenges implementing security in cloud environments.

The survey of over 300 IT security professionals responsible for environments with significant investment in both cloud and on-premise IT infrastructure covered the US and Canada, and Europe, The Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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44 percent of organizations have suffered a data breach in the last year

data breach

In the last 12 months, 44 percent of organizations have suffered at least one data breach. More worrying is that of those reporting a data breach, the average was almost 30 data breaches per organization in the last year.

This is according to a study from identity management company SailPoint, released at this week's Infosecurity Europe. These breaches cost the organizations nearly $1 million to address from an IT perspective, which excludes fines, lost revenue and brand damage.

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Employees in technology-enabled workplaces have better job satisfaction

happy employee

People are happier in their work and more positive about the future if they're working in a digital environment, according to new research.

The report from cloud networking company HPE Aruba also shows workers are positive about using more automated technology, challenging the received wisdom that we’re all scared about machines taking our jobs.

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New tool streamlines workflow automation across platforms


Employees often spend valuable time keeping their various work apps coordinated and synchronized, which harms productivity.

Cloud-based mobile app building platform Appy Pie is addressing this problem with the launch of its 'Connect' tool, a productivity solution that allows businesses to streamline tasks and automate workflow across multiple applications simultaneously.

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Consumers' privacy concerns not backed by their actions

Data privacy

A large majority of people say they are concerned about their online privacy, but this is not reflected in their actions according to a new study.

The survey from Blue Fountain Media reveals that 90 percent of respondents are very concerned about their internet privacy and 48 percent wish 'more was being done about it'.

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Bad vibrations: How sound could be used to interfere with your hard drive

Hard drive attack

It's well known that sound at particular levels can cause problems -- we've all seen demonstrations of wine glasses being shattered by high frequencies, for example.

You might not think that's much of an issue for computers, but researchers at the University of Michigan and Zhejiang University in China have shown that sounds can be used to interfere with disks.

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Enterprise adoption of Office 365 surges as usage of G Suite levels out

Cloud growth arrow

Using cloud apps is fast becoming standard practice for businesses and Microsoft Office 365 usage is accelerating ahead of Google's G Suite, according to a new report.

The 2018 Cloud Adoption Report from cloud security company Bitglass shows global cloud adoption has topped 81 percent -- a 37 percent increase since 2016 and a 238 percent increase since 2014.

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Arxan launches new protection solution for Android apps

Android umbrella

Application protection specialist Arxan Technologies is launching its latest Arxan for Android product.

It offers the industry's first protection technology for apps developed using Kotlin, the rapidly growing development language supported by Google for Android app development.

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Cryptomining dominates mobile threat landscape

Bitcoin mobile

Threat actors are increasingly looking to exploit the popularity and volatility of cryptocurrency in their attacks on mobile devices according to a new report.

The latest Mobile Threat Landscape report from threat management specialist RiskIQ analyzed 120 mobile app stores and more than two billion daily scanned resources.

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Why the IIoT and edge computing are pushing data to the fore [Q&A]

Edge computing

The possibilities born out of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) may seem endless as the scale of what it can accomplish continues to rise. By adding edge computing into the equation, the benefits for enterprises increase even further due to the real-time capabilities it enables.

With this shift comes an increased focus on data, which is at the heart of all IIoT and edge deployments. However, some enterprises are in different stages than others when it comes to utilizing that data and getting the most actionable results out of it for valuable business decision making. We spoke with Jason Andersen, VP of business line management for infrastructure availability company  Stratus Technologies, to find out more.

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New consolidated identity system simplifies access to enterprise systems

identity verification

Employee experience platform Sapho is announcing a new identity solution to simplify how employees authenticate into systems and access their data and daily workflows.

Sapho's patent-pending Consolidated Identity system means employees can access what they need from a variety of applications without having to go into each application separately.

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Cryptocurrency not a major threat to enterprises say security professionals

Cryptocurrency coins

While 84 percent of security professionals believe cryptocurrencies are here to stay, most don't see them as a major threat to the enterprise, despite the rise in cryptomining attacks.

A study from network protection specialist Lastline shows 45.2 percent think cryptocurrency is a mainstream alternative to conventional currencies, while 38.9 percent think it's a fringe option. 14.5 percent say they would rather collect their salary in cryptocurrency than in a traditional currency.

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MariaDB launches Oracle compatible enterprise open source database

Business database

Enterprise computing has often been reliant on proprietary database architecture, but this can be both complex and costly, putting up a barrier to innovation.

Now open source database specialist MariaDB is launching its latest enterprise offering with Oracle compatibility. This allows existing Oracle Database users to reuse existing code and established skill sets when migrating applications or deploying new ones.

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Contextual access management eliminates passwords

Login key

Enterprise identity provider Okta is launching a new set of contextual access management capabilities that will allow businesses to eliminate passwords.

New Adaptive Single Sign-On (SSO) and enhanced Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) products allow decisions based on signals such as device, IP and geolocation context for smarter, more secure identity and access management.

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