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Financial targets account for more than half of phishing attacks

credit card phishing

More than half of phishing attacks in 2017 were aimed at getting hold of financial information according to a new report.

Kaspersky Lab's anti-phishing technologies detected more than 246 million user attempts to visit different kinds of phishing pages, with 54 percent being attempts to visit a financial-related website, compared to 47 percent in 2016.

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Over half of enterprises willing to sacrifice security for speed


A new survey reveals that 52 percent of companies admit to cutting back on security measures to meet a business deadline or objective.

The report into SecOps (Security Operations) from intrusion detection company Threat Stack also reveals that 68 percent of companies say their CEO demands that DevOps and security teams don’t do anything that slows the business down.

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Mid-market organizations hardest hit by ransomware


Mid-market organizations -- those with 1,000-5,000 employees -- have been hit the hardest with ransomware in 2017, with 29 percent experiencing a ransomware attack, according to a new report.

Security awareness training company KnowBe4 has released its 2018 Threat Impact and Endpoint Protection Report which shows organizations in manufacturing, technology and consumer-focused industries experienced the most ransomware attacks.

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Zoho launches an AI-powered assistant for sales teams

Artificial intelligence

Popular business platform Zoho is aiming to make its CRM offering more attractive to sales teams with the launch of a new AI powered conversational interface.

Zia Voice adds speech and chat capabilities to Zia, Zoho's AI-powered sales assistant. Zia can now also predict deal closures and analyze email sentiment.

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The rapid growth of digital data

Digital data

The volume of digital information in the world is growing at a scarily fast rate. In fact 90 percent of the digital data that exists worldwide today was created within the last two years -- and 2.5 quintillion bytes of extra data are created each and every day.

We browse websites, stream music and video, and post on social media all of which contributes to this deluge. But how did data get to be such a key part of modern life?

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New vulnerability allows attackers to trick single sign on systems

Admin login

Single sign on (SSO) is popular with businesses as it allows control of access to multiple resources without the need for lots of different credentials.

But researchers at Duo Security have uncovered a vulnerability that can allow attackers to trick systems based on the commonly used SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) into giving them a higher level of access.

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65 percent of organizations unable to comply with GDPR 'right to be forgotten'

gdpr prepared

One of the key planks of the upcoming GDPR legislation is the right to removal of personal data, the so-called, 'right to be forgotten'.

But a new study from big data application provider Solix Technologies reveals that 65 percent of organizations are unsure if an individual's personal information can be purged from all their systems.

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More than half of IT pros believe their organization was breached at least once in 2017

Breach detection

A new study of 165 IT and security professionals at medium-sized companies across the US reveals that 53 percent believe their organization was breached one or more times in 2017.

The report from security-as-a-service company Cygilant shows a lack of confidence in respondents' ability to protect customer data, with only 16.6 percent very confident that they can successfully protect customer data.

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Securing corporate WANs is top challenge for network pros

Network security

Growing complexity is a major issue in securing and managing corporate wide area networks according to a new survey.

The study by software-based networking and security specialist Versa Networks shows 68 percent of respondents think deploying and managing network security devices at branch locations is the most challenging aspect of WAN management, followed by increasing costs (53 percent) and information security risks at branch locations (49 percent).

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New intelligence tool improves monitoring of hybrid environments

Business technology

Digital transformation means businesses need to be able to handle rapid change across a variety of environments.

IT operations specialist OpsRamp is launching a new Unified Service Intelligence tool that offers a simpler way to monitor and manage operational environments in a hybrid world.

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FileCloud launches enterprise edition for secure collaboration in large businesses


File sharing and sync platform FileCloud is launching a new edition aimed at IT administration, management and compliance across enterprise-level systems with over 1000 users.

FileCloud Enterprise Edition is cloud agnostic, so it allows businesses to keep their data on any infrastructure of their choice including public, private and hybrid clouds while giving them full control.

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Businesses face rising costs from DDoS attacks

DDoS attack start

The financial impact of a DDoS attack is continuing to rise globally -- totaling on average over $120,000 per attack for SMBs and over $2 million for enterprises.

These findings come from a study by Kaspersky Lab which shows that the cost of a DDoS attack in 2017 was almost $20,000 higher for SMEs than in 2016 and more than half a million dollars more for enterprises.

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Hackers hide malware with code signing and SSL certificates

Magnified certificare

2017 saw a sudden increase in code signing certificates being used as a layered obfuscation technique to deliver malicious payloads.

Recorded Future's Insikt Group has been investigating the criminal underground and has identified a number of vendors currently offering both code signing certificates and domain name registration with accompanying SSL certificates.

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US government agencies see 20 percent rise in data breaches

US capitol building

US Federal agencies reported more breaches last year (57 percent) than any other industry sector by a wide margin, well ahead of the global average of 36 percent according to a new report.

Yet the findings from Thales eSecurity show that only 42 percent of government respondents claim to be 'very' or 'extremely' vulnerable, compared to 68 percent of US respondents across the board.

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Ericsson launches marketplace to unlock the cellular IoT ecosystem

IoT links

The IoT marketplace has grown, and is continuing to grow, at a rapid rate and this means developers and service providers have often struggled when it comes to collaboration with other networks and devices.

Communication services company Ericsson is using MWC 2018 to launch a new IoT Accelerator Marketplace aimed at making it easier for service providers to find IoT apps from the global ecosystem.

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