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Canonical launches new cloud service to aid Android app development


Creating the code for an Android app is only part of the job, you also need to consider mobile app management and mobile device virtualization as well as testing.

To help with this process Canonical is launching its Anbox Cloud Appliance on the AWS Marketplace from today. A small-scale version of Canonical's Anbox Cloud, developers can use it for rapid prototyping of Android-in-the-Cloud solutions.

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Why enterprises need to make the shift to DevSecOps now [Q&A]

Many enterprises have adopted DevOps practices in order to streamline their development. But security is all too often treated as an afterthought.

There is of course a way around this which is to integrate security into the DevOps pipeline, in other words move to DevSecOps.

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Malicious office documents make up 43 percent of malware downloads

email attachment

Infecting office files has been a popular malware technique for some time but is still popular among cybercriminals as it allows them to evade many detection solutions. New research from AtlasVPN reveals that 43 percent of all malware downloads in the second quarter of this year were malicious office documents.

This is an increase from the same period in 2020 when only 14 percent of malware came in office files. In the third quarter of last year the volume jumped to 38 percent before declining to 34 percent in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.

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Adopting best practice approaches for hybrid working [Q&A]

home working

More and more businesses are moving to a hybrid work model. But while this approach can offer improved value along with the tools to drive the business forward, it can also present a number of challenges.

So what does it take to succeed with a hybrid approach? We spoke to Cisco Webex's Lorrissa Horton to find out.

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Best-selling router ships with vulnerable firmware

Laptop security

Researchers at CyberNews have uncovered security flaws within the default firmware and the web interface app of the TP-Link AC1200 Archer C50 (v6) router.

The router -- an 'Amazon's Choice' product -- is shipped with outdated firmware that is vulnerable to dozens of known security flaws and could put users at risk of man-in-the-middle and Denial of Service attacks.

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New device counters USB drive threats

flash drive and laptop

Even in the age of the cloud, USB drives are still commonly used to exchange information between office and home computers, but they're used by hackers as a way to infiltrate systems too.

Researchers at the UK's Liverpool Hope University have developed a new scanning device that can counter the threat posed by USB devices.

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Fake pirated software hides dropper-as-a-service

Researchers at SophosLabs have uncovered malware being distributed by a network of websites acting as a 'dropper as a service', serving up a variety of other nasty packages.

These droppers for hire are delivering bundles of malicious and unwanted content to targets looking for cracked versions of popular business and consumer applications.

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Businesses struggle to fight insider threats

insider threat

A new survey of over 1,200 IT and IT security practitioners shows that 53 percent of companies find it impossible or very difficult to prevent an insider attack when data is being aggregated, a key indicator of intent for attacks.

Released in conjunction with the start of National Insider Threat Awareness Month, the report, conducted by the Ponemon Institute with sponsorship from DTEX Systems finds almost half of companies find it impossible or very difficult to prevent an insider attack at the earliest stages.

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91 percent of industrial companies at risk of cyberattacks

Cooling towers

Industrial businesses were the second most targeted sector in 2020 and new research from Positive Technologies shows that an external attacker could penetrate the corporate network at 91 percent of them.

In addition, Positive Technologies penetration testers gained access to the industrial control system (ICS) networks at 75 percent of these companies. Once criminals have obtained access to ICS components, they can shutdown entire production lines, cause equipment to fail, or incidents that could cause serious harm.

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Digital forensics in modern cloud environments [Q&A]

Increasingly applications and infrastructure are moving to the cloud and containers. But although this offers convenience and cost savings it introduces challenges when security incidents occur.

We spoke to James Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Cado Security to find out about the importance of digital forensics when dealing with cloud system breaches.

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Move to the cloud opens opportunities for cybercriminals

The rapid shift of applications and infrastructure to the cloud creates gaps in security according to a new threat report from security platform Lacework.

This increases the opportunities for cybercriminals to steal data, take advantage of an organization's assets, and to gain illicit network access.

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Businesses turn to low-code as demand for developers soars

The global pandemic along with a surge in demand for developers has boosted the interest in and use of enterprise low-code, according to a new report.

The study from low-code development specialist Mendix shows that 77 percent of enterprises in six countries have already adopted low-code, and 72 percent of IT leaders say it's a trend they can't afford to miss.

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New platform offers secure cloud data integration

Secure cloud

As enterprises continue to migrate data to the cloud they need to ensure that sensitive information is properly protected.

Automated data integration specialist Fivetran is launching a platform that offers a set of key security-related features, allowing companies to create a more secure modern data stack that meets internal and regulatory requirements.

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Hybrid working is here to stay but security remains a challenge

home working security

A majority of companies are moving to a long-term hybrid workplace approach according to a new study from Entrust.

The survey of 1,500 business leaders and 1,500 general employees across 10 countries shows 80 percent of leaders and 75 percent of employees say their company is currently using a hybrid model, or is fully remote and considering a hybrid work approach.

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How technical debt is harming API security [Q&A]


APIs allow the easy exchange of information between apps, microservices and containers. They've become an essential part of the way our digital infrastructure operates.

But the very ubiquity of APIs means developers are under pressure to produce them quickly and that can lead to 'technical debt' because corners are cut. We spoke to Tom Hudson, security research tech lead at app vulnerability scanner Detectify to find out more about why APIs are vulnerable in this way and how they can be secured.

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