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Businesses struggle with the rate of growth in API use


In the last few years APIs have become a critical enabler of digital transformation for businesses across all sectors.

Cybersecurity company Ping Identity has surveyed more than 100 security and IT professionals to determine their concerns surrounding the increased use of APIs.

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70 percent of SMBs suffer cyberattacks

Hacker detection

Cyberattacks are often thought of as being a problem just for large organizations. But a new study by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Keeper Security, shows that small businesses increasingly face the same cybersecurity risks as larger ones.

The number of attacks is on the rise -- with 67 percent experiencing a cyberattack and 58 percent experiencing a data breach in the last 12 months.

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85 percent of companies permit BYOD but security remains a concern

BYOD key

While a large majority of companies now permit employees to use their own devices for work, they have concerns over security and privacy.

Organizations are making BYOD available to employees (76 percent), contractors (27 percent), partners (25 percent), customers (22 percent), and suppliers (19 percent).

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Phishing emails with .com payloads target finance departments

credit card phishing

There has been an increase in the use of .com extensions in phishing emails that target financial service departments, according to a new analysis.

In October alone, anti-phishing company Cofense Intelligence analyzed 132 unique samples with the .com extension, compared to only 34 samples analyzed in the nine months before. Four different malware families were utilized.

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Zoho boosts its CRM capability with AI


Business software specialist Zoho is launching the latest version of its Zoho CRM Plus suite, an all-in-one customer experience package that enables sales, marketing, customer support, and operations teams to work as one.

Using Zia, Zoho's intelligent assistant, and Zoho Analytics, the company's business intelligence and reporting engine, the package helps users to understand customer sentiments, provide better experiences across channels, and enable actions to keep customers content throughout their journey -- all from one place.

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91 percent see hybrid cloud as the ideal model


Enterprise cloud use is increasing, with with 91 percent naming hybrid cloud as the ideal IT model, yet only 18 percent say they have that model today.

This is one of the findings of a new study by Nutanix to create the first of what is planned to be a global Enterprise Cloud Index, measuring enterprise plans for adopting private, hybrid and public clouds.

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New software capability helps manage third-party cyber risks

Risk dial

With digital transformation enabling supply chains to become ever more integrated, businesses no longer have to worry just about the risks posed by their own systems, they must consider those they are connected to as well.

Vendor monitoring solution RiskRecon is launching a new tool that enables enterprises to automatically produce assessments and action plans based on their unique risk requirements, allowing risk professionals to easily understand and act on their third-party risk.

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SnapLogic launches self-service machine learning platform


Increasing numbers of organizations are interested in the opportunities offered by machine learning, but their efforts are often hindered by a lack of data science talent.

California-based SnapLogic is launching a new self-service solution to help break down the barriers to implementing machine learning.

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IT pros believe data will be impossible to manage long term

data overload

A new survey of over 900 senior IT decision makers shows that 87 percent believe their organization's secondary data is fragmented across silos and is, or will become, nearly impossible to manage in the long-term.

The survey, commissioned by Cohesity and conducted by Vanson Bourne, finds that that 86 percent of decision makers believe it's important to solve the challenges of mass data fragmentation.

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Misconfiguration and runtime security are top container worries

cloud containers

Container and Kubernetes security company StackRox has released a new report looking to understand how adoption of these technologies affects security concerns.

The State of Container Security report finds that more than a third of organizations worry that their strategies don't adequately address container security.

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Fighting mobile ad fraud with artificial intelligence

Mobile ads

The mobile advertising market is massive, around $75 billion worldwide according to Forbes, and that makes it an attractive target for fraudsters.

Fraud rates have almost doubled over the past year and companies are under increasing pressure to monitor data for clients, allowing them to identify and prevent the risk of fraud hurting campaign performance.

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New tool helps identify and block phishing attacks


People are often the weakest link in the IT security chain and hackers are keen to exploit this with ever more sophisticated attacks.

Predictive email defense specialist Vade Secure is launching a new anti-phishing solution that helps security operations centers identify and block targeted phishing attacks.

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Poor security habits made worse by the speed of digital transformation

password reminders

According to a new study, 75 percent of people admit to reusing passwords across accounts, including work and personal, compared to 56 percent who admitted to doing so in 2014.

The Market Pulse Survey by identity management specialist SailPoint shows that digital transformation efforts are leading to increasingly complex IT environments for businesses and employees to manage securely.

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Docker launches Windows Server application migration program

Containerization enables organizations to both modernize existing applications and adopt new technologies based on business requirements. But the process of migrating older systems can be daunting.

Popular container platform Docker is addressing this with the launch of a new Windows Server application migration program. This is designed to allow businesses to migrate and modernize their legacy Windows Server applications in advance of the end-of-support deadline for Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

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95 percent of IT security professionals underestimate phishing risks


A new survey of cybersecurity decision-makers shows that most companies lack adequate safeguards against phishing threats and many don't fully understand the risks or how widespread the threat is.

The survey from phishing site detection company SlashNext reveals that 95 percent of respondents underestimate how frequently phishing is used at the start of attacks to successfully breach enterprise networks.

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