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Lack of soft skills holds IT staff back from leadership roles

Soft skills

The importance of interpersonal skills has increased in recent years according to a new report, but companies aren't training their technology teams in these abilities.

The study from business and technology consultancy West Monroe Partners looks at soft skills, including communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, and leadership in relation to technology and IT hiring decisions

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UK organizations urged to get ready for tougher data protection laws

gdpr prepared

New research released today by the UK government shows that fewer than half of all businesses and charities are aware of new data protection laws with just four months to go before they come into force.

Knowledge varies by industry, businesses in the finance and insurance sectors have the highest awareness of the changes to be brought in through the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is to be implemented in UK law via the Data Protection Bill in May 2018.

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Official app stores targeted by malicious Bitcoin apps

Bitcoin mobile

With increasing interest in cryptocurrency it's inevitable that cyber criminals will see the potential to make money from investors and users.

Threat management company RiskIQ has found that hackers are targeting the Apple, Google Play, SameAPK, APKPlz and other app store users with malicious cryptocurrency apps aiming to steal money and personal data.

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Organizations blame their own staff for cloud security incidents

When systems are in the cloud, 45 percent of organizations perceive their own employees to be the biggest security risk, according to a new report.

According to user behavior specialist Netwrix, even though the majority of attacks they experienced over the year were external, organizations blame their own IT staff (39 percent) and business users (33 percent) as much as or more than their cloud providers (33 percent).

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How moving inventory to the cloud can streamline your business [Q&A ]


A major trend we've been seeing in inventory management (and business, in general) is for companies to move from a desktop solution to a cloud solution. This has profound implications for the nature of how businesses manage their inventory, and we thought it would be interesting to get the low down on this trend from an industry expert.

Christy Hair is an inventory solution specialist with Boxstorm,  an online inventory management specialist. We asked her a series of questions about cloud inventory management and how moving a company's inventory to the cloud can help it streamline its processes in new ways.

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Fewer than five percent of enterprise apps will move to the cloud in 2018

cloud stop sign

A new study of over 160 IT directors and chief technology officers at companies with more than 1,000 employees shows that while 78 percent are planning to upgrade their enterprise applications, the cloud doesn't feature in many plans.

The survey by digital experience platform Sapho reveals that fewer than five percent of enterprise apps will migrate to the cloud from on-premises in 2018, mainly because of security and compliance issues, but also because many of these apps are so ingrained in daily business processes, they can't be moved.

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State-sponsored attacks expected to dominate 2018 threat landscape

World map with code

With 1.9 billion records stolen in the first six months, more than in the whole of 2016, 2017 proved a bumper year for cyber crime.

According to cyber security company Venafi, this trend is set to continue into 2018, with state-sponsored attacks to the fore.

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Organizations could face up to $19 billion in losses if a cloud provider is hacked

Data cloud lock

If a hacker were to gain control of a cloud provider for over three days, businesses could face losses up to a whopping $19 billion, with SMBs carrying the largest economic and insurance losses, according to a new report.

In partnership with the American Institutes for Research (AIR), insurance market Lloyd's of London is unveiling a new report detailing the financial impact of a cyberattack on a US cloud provider.

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Businesses need a risk-based approach to tackle vulnerabilities like Meltdown

risk jigsaw piece

The recent Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities have been well documented, but for businesses it can be difficult to know which fixes to prioritize.

Software management and security specialist Flexera is announcing a set of recommendations to provide a standardized, risk-based approach to managing this type of vulnerability.

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New solution delivers optimized remote monitoring and management

remote access

Remote offices and decentralization, plus outsourcing, often mean it isn't feasible to have a technician always on site to solve IT problems.

This means many organizations turn to remote management and monitoring of systems and a leader in this field Kaseya is launching its second generation solution aimed at managed service providers and mid-sized companies.

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HyperStore platform lets businesses unify cloud and in-house storage

The rise of the cloud has made for greater complexity in business IT environments, with data accumulating on different platforms and in different locations.

To address this problem, object storage company Cloudian is launching a new version of its HyperStore platform which integrates data management capabilities to bridge traditional and cloud native environments, as well as object and file storage types.

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Corporate cultural issues hold back secure software development

Stop hand signal

As the digital economy expands and software becomes more critical, security worries grow. In a new survey, 74 percent of respondents agree that security threats due to software and code issues are a growing concern.

The study of over 1,200 IT leaders, conducted by analysts Freeform Dynamics for software company CA Technologies, finds 58 percent of respondents cite existing culture and lack of skills as hurdles to being able to embed security within processes.

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New API sheds light on the dark web

Dark web hacker

Gaining threat intelligence from the dark web can be a difficult task for security providers due to its unstructured nature.

Similarly, when data breaches occur, companies often face the problem of knowing exactly which data has been exposed on underground marketplaces.

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Hackers gear up to target Winter Olympics

Olympic skiing

With the 24th Winter Olympics due to start in Pyeongchang, South Korea in a few weeks, athletes are not the only ones preparing for the event.

A report from security analytics platform Cybereason shows that hackers and cyber criminals are gearing up too, the scale and cost of the event making it a prime target.

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New platform integrates Windows file servers with the cloud

Cloud server

Although businesses are keen to move to the cloud and IaaS solutions, most still have files stored on in-house servers.

Enterprise file sharing and sync platform FileCloud is launching a new product called ServerSync that integrates Microsoft Windows file servers with any IaaS cloud.

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