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Half of retailers experience security breaches in the past year

data breach

According to a new report, 52 percent of US retailers have suffered a data breach in the past year and 75 percent have had one at some time in the past.

The latest Thales Data Threat Report, Retail Edition, also shows that US retail data breaches more than doubled from 19 percent in the 2017 survey to 50 percent, making retail the second most breached industry vertical this year.

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BetterCloud adds activity-based alerts to boost G Suite security

security alert

SaaS management platform BetterCloud is launching a new activity-based alerts solution for Google to strengthen security for G Suite applications.

The solution enables organizations to continuously monitor event-related activity for malicious or unauthorized behavior, and automates security responses to rapidly address security risks.

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Credential stuffing costs businesses over $5 billion a year

password cracking

When usernames and passwords are exposed through a data breach or attack on users, criminals harvest these credentials and test them on a wide range of websites and mobile applications, a practice known as 'credential stuffing'.

A new report by security and anti-fraud specialist Shape Security looks at the lifecycle of stolen credentials and at the damage their use can cause.

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Microsoft overtakes Facebook as the #1 spoofed brand

Phishing hook

Phisherfolk love to try to trick people into thinking they are a major brand in order to get them to reveal passwords or personal data.

New research from Vade Secure reveals that in the second quarter of this year Microsoft has supplanted Facebook as the most spoofed brand. The social network drops two places to third, behind perennial phishing favorite PayPal.

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Poor infrastructure monitoring leads to outages, slowdowns and missed targets

Network switch

Almost 90 percent of enterprises fail to meet SLA targets due to inadequate monitoring of IT infrastructure, according to a new report.

The study by Dimensional Research for infrastructure performance management specialist Virtual Instruments, reveals that 61 percent of respondents report that they experience four or more significant application outages and/or slowdowns each year.

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Data lakes improve business decision making

data lake

The data lake has long been a powerful tool for data scientists and engineers. But today’s business environment often requires users without coding or scripting skills to access the data stored in lakes.

A new study from analytics and business intelligence specialist Arcadia Data  looks in detail at the use of data lakes and the analytical tools that surround them.

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New solution offers network intrusion detection for containers

cloud containers

Security-as-a-service provider Alert Logic is using the AWS Cloud Summit to launch an industry first network intrusion detection system (IDS) for containers.

It’s available in Alert Logic Cloud Defender and Threat Manager solutions and is able to inspect network traffic for malicious activity targeting containers, providing organizations with faster detection of compromises and reduced risk of attacks to cloud workloads on Amazon Web Services.

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McAfee launches new enterprise security portfolio

Business security

As businesses move more of their systems into the cloud the protection they require to keep them safe needs to be more flexible.

Cybersecurity specialist McAfee is responding to this challenge with the launch of McAfee MVISION, a portfolio of products which strengthens the device as a control point in security architectures, delivers simplified management, stronger Windows security, behavior analytics, and threat defense for Android and iOS devices.

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Cylance unveils Smart Antivirus for consumers

AI security

Traditional signature-based antivirus solutions struggle to cope with the pace of change in today's malware world. But while enterprises have had access to sophisticated machine learning solutions for a while these have largely been denied to consumers.

Now though Cylance is launching an AI-based antivirus solution aimed at the domestic internet user.

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AI solution delivers accurate voice authentication

sound waves

There's growing interest in biometric security solutions as passwords are increasingly seen as outmoded and at risk from phishing and other attacks.

Biometric solutions provider ID R&D is launching a new version of its voice biometric security solution, IDVoice. Enhancements to the product allow it to deliver what is claimed to be the industry's fastest and most accurate text-independent biometric verification.

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Business priorities lead to multi-cloud strategies

Cloud access

A new report finds that 86 percent of businesses describe their cloud strategy as multi-cloud today, with performance and innovation rising above cost savings as the top measures of success.

In addition the report, produced by Forrester for enterprise cloud specialist Virtustream, reveals that 60 percent of enterprises are now moving or have already moved mission-critical applications to the public cloud.

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New solution provides adaptive authentication for Windows and Mac

web authentication

Once a user is logged on, they typically have access to a wealth of sensitive applications and systems. Strong authentication at the front door therefore helps boost the overall security of the entire system.

A new adaptive authentication system developed by identity automation specialist SecureAuth Corp + Core Security, is available for Windows and Mac systems enabling adaptive and multi-factor authentication for users logging into servers, desktops, and laptops.

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80 percent of IT decision makers say outdated tech is holding them back

Black and white mainframe

A study by analysts Vanson Bourne for self service automation specialist SnapLogic looks at the data priorities and investment plans of IT decision makers, along with what's holding them back from maximizing value.

Among the findings are that 80 percent of those surveyed report that outdated technology holds their organization back from taking advantage of new data-driven opportunities. Also that trust and quality issues slow progress, with only 29 percent of respondents having complete trust in the quality of their organization’s data.

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Malware infections drop during World Cup matches -- Result!

footballer goal

Even if you’re not a soccer/football fan, it probably hasn't escaped your notice that there's a World Cup going on in Russia at the moment.

We expect big sporting events to be exploited to launch phishing and malware campaigns but researchers at Enigma Software have spotted an interesting new phenomenon -- malware infections actually drop on match days.

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100 percent of corporate networks vulnerable to insider attacks

Insider threats

Penetration testing company Positive Technologies has released some alarming figures surrounding the vulnerability of corporate networks to insider attacks.

During testing performed as an internal attacker, the company's researchers were able to obtain full control of infrastructure on all the corporate networks they attempted to compromise. Only seven percent of systems were assessed as having 'moderate' difficulty of accessing critical resources.

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