LinkedIn delivers new profile page

Changing a successful recipe is often met with skepticism, and judging by the introduction of Timeline in Facebook profiles that holds true as well for social netwoks. The business-oriented LinkedIn decided to launch a revamped Profile page, with improvements touted in three main areas. Will users embrace or reject the change?

Due to its business-oriented nature and purpose to deliver a virtual resume LinkedIn's new Profile page is designed to give its 175 million users an improved tool in marketing their skills and accomplishments. Compared to the current one the redesign gives a more up-to-date look and provides a different experience when viewing people's profiles, by focusing on the activity and connections. The redesign shows insights on companies and people on the network, which LinkedIn says makes easier establishing common ground with and connecting to people outside of one's network.

The social network also touts better engagement by providing the ability to keep an eye on what other people in the network share.

Facebook Timeline comparison aside, the new Profile page is understated, less about major changes and more about rearranging the pieces to deliver a more competitive side and to highlight various parts of one's profile for an improved social networking experience.

In order to sign up for the new LinkedIn Profile page you have to visit this address.

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