Tweetro+ coming soon to Windows Store

Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 8 and its ARM counterpart little more than a month ago. But even today apps like Twitter are still missing from the official Store selection. However, third-party alternative, Tweetro+ should be available soon for die-hard users of the social network.

Previously available as a free app on Windows Store, Tweetro was pulled due to the 100,000 access token limitimposed by the Twitter API. The developers announced that Tweetro+ will take its place, but as a paid app due to the associated costs. This appears to be the preferred solution instead of going the ad-supported route.

Because Twitter would not budge on its API limitation, the free version will cease to function once Tweetro+ is released. There is no word on pricing at the moment, but the developers say that it will be announced once the app passes Microsoft's certification process.

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