What do YOU want from technology in 2014?

As 2013 winds down, my colleagues have been busy talking up their resolutions for the coming year. But, like Ian Barker, I don’t actually have any of those -- they'd likely just serve as embarrassment when I failed to deliver on my promises.

I don't have a problem with backups -- I pay for Crashplan to take care of that for me, so I never need to think about the potential for disaster. I don’t resolve to use a particular product, as others have. I simply utilize whatever is available at the time, and I'm in a fortunate position to frequently have the latest, though it isn’t always the greatest, hardware.

Instead, I choose to take this time to ponder what is coming in 2014. There is, no doubt, a boatload of products on the horizon, and it will appear pretty quickly -- CES kicks off next week.

We can expect 2014 versions of flagship devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Nexus and Kindle Fire. Countless new phones are in the works, including ones for both the Windows Phone and Android platforms. Tablets will certainly play a big role this year -- we've waited for a new Nexus 10 for far too long, and I expect we'll see it very soon.

There will be a new Windows -- though rumors vary as to when it's coming. Similarly, what it has in store for users is also open to debate. Sure, you can read the claims, but Microsoft is revealing very little about its plans.

Innovations in AI and robotics are in the works. Services like Siri and Google Now are likely to improve, loads of new games are on the way for owners of the Xbox One and Playstation 4. More revelations from the NSA scandal will surely be revealed and security improvements to prevent the loss of data have been promised by Microsoft and others.

But, the question is, what are you most looking for in the coming 12 months? Is there a rumored device you long for? A feature that you wish for Windows 8 to incorporate? Do you just want world peace and an end to Big Brother-style meddling? Let us know your hopes for 2014.

Image Credit: Tom Wang / Shutterstock

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