Selligy launches new mobile sales tools to boost productivity


Key to the sales process is communicating with customers and often that means sales people being away from the office. Mobile technology means that there's no excuse for being out of touch though.

CRM specialist Selligy is launching a set of tools that allow sales professionals to manage their deals and update their sales forecasts quickly and accurately from their smartphones. IT uses information from the phone including location and calendar details to deliver relevant information when it's needed.

The latest update also includes the launch of Selligy Opportunity Manager. This is a tool that allows salespeople to quickly do their own 'what-if' analysis when setting and updating their sales goals. Using Opportunity Manager, salespeople can adjust all of their sales forecast numbers, preview the totals, make adjustments, see the new totals and then -- when ready -- record all the changes with a single save. Selligy estimates that with this feature, salespeople can perform forecasting tasks roughly 90 percent faster as performing the same task in traditional CRM systems may require navigating 30 to 40 pages of information.


"CRM was born in the 1990s, when the introduction of the laptop gave salespeople computing power on the road for the first time. In the past 20 years, CRM has not really changed," says Nilay Patel, Selligy's co-founder and chief executive. "Now, mobile is paving the way for a new breed of activity-based, mobile CRM applications that are upending traditional CRM. Just like the first wave of selling applications, these new applications are giving enterprises dramatically more visibility into their sales pipeline".

In addition to the new features this release sees Selligy become available for Android for the first time. You can find more information and request a free demo on the Selligy website.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Hall / Shutterstock

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