Educated, tall, rich, female coffee drinker? You must own an iPhone

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When the first iPhone went on sale in June 2007 expert opinion was very much of the view that it wouldn't have a significant impact. Steve Wildstrom of Business Week for example said, "The iPhone will never be a threat to the BlackBerry".

Proving that experts can be very wrong, the iPhone has of course gone from strength to strength and Carphone Warehouse in Ireland has produced a fascinating infographic charting its evolution up to the latest version.

There are more fun quotes from 2007, but there's also a detailed list of the technical specs of the various versions over the years. It looks at the apps that have been a big part of the phone's success too.

There's a fun look at the typical iPhone owner as well. Apparently they're more likely to be better educated, richer, older, taller and female compared to Android users. They also give more to charity, drink fancier coffee and watch the Simpsons. So, basically iPhone owners are a great bunch of people.

Finally the graphic looks at what we're likely to see when the iPhone 7 comes along. This includes things like better battery technology, flexible screens -- as opposed to bendy phones -- and 3D display technology.

You can view the full infographic below, and do let us know if you're a typical iPhone user, or if like the experts you thought it would never catch on.

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Image Credit: KieferPix / Shutterstock

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