Anonymous breaks hacker stereotype, stands up for what is right

Guy Fawkes Anonymous

This is a story I never thought I'd write. After all, while we're all for finding and fixing flaws in systems, hacking goes a bit against our principals. Well, certain kinds of it at any rate, there's a debate there that I will not be starting as it becomes complex in a hurry. One of the most notorious groups known is Anonymous, those folks in the Guy Fawkes masks. You've likely seem them around if you look at news of the tech slant.

The thing is, lately the news coming from them isn't too scary -- well depending on who you are. The organization has been active and a couple of groups of people certainly should be scared, as Anonymous is not to be taken lightly when it comes to a fight or attack.

Things began just over a week ago when the group declared war on Lizard Squad, a rival gang, if you will. That loosely run outfit had claimed responsibility for the takedown of Christmas for many people. In other words, it attacked the networks of both Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox on the day everyone was getting a new console. A cowardly act that they claimed was done just for fun.

The fun is over, as the group did a poor job of disguising members' identities and several are now in the hands of authorities. Worse for them, Anonymous declared war, which is the last thing anyone wishes to have happen to them.

Now Anonymous is setting its eyes, and considerable technological firepower, on Jihadist groups, looking to retaliate for the recent tragedy that took place in Paris, France. The shootings left 17 people dead.

Anonymous released a video declaring its intended actions. Unfortunately the video was uploaded to a Belgian site and comes without translation, but you can view it here. Meanwhile, the group states "freedom of expression has suffered inhuman assault ... and it is our duty to react".

As I stated previously, I never expected to write that I was backing the most well known and notorious hacker group in the world. It's amazing how things come around.

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