Smart glasses, coming soon to an enterprise near you


Up to now smart glasses have been a bit of a gimmick, but they could soon be making a major impact in the enterprise market, allowing workers to communicate as they carry out tasks.

Eyewear technology company Vuzix has announced a partnership to use its Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses for the EyeSight platform from wearable software specialist Pristine. Customers taking advantage of the combined Pristine and Vuzix platform will benefit from impressive video quality, strong integrations into safety goggles and a vertically adjustable camera, useful for surgery and hands-on repair tasks.

"Pristine's EyeSight platform is a killer app for the exploding smart glasses market and enables users to collaborate in industries and locations never before imagined," says Dan Cui, Vice President of Business Development at Vuzix. "Having Pristine's solution optimized for our award-winning smart glasses will open new opportunities and deliver real value and ROI to customers around the world".

EyeSight is a powerful video communication platform for wearables that allows colleagues to securely collaborate and solve problems hands-free. It uses cross-platform architecture built on open source technologies and hosted in the cloud. This means no on-site hardware is needed and users can get up and running quickly with zero capital investment. For healthcare organizations, EyeSight also fulfills strict requirements for HIPAA-compliance.

This makes the software a good fit with Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses which are are the world's first commercially available hands-free display and wearable computer designed for enterprise users. The M100 contains a virtual display with an integrated camera and a powerful processing engine running Android. It can connect wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi directly to most standard networks or to a smartphone.

"Our customers are generating incredible ROI. What used to cost them $2,500 per day now costs next to nothing. Using Vuzix technologies, we are delivering an incredible telepresence solution for clients in life sciences, industrial equipment, field service and healthcare." says Kyle Samani, co-founder and CEO of Pristine.

You can find more information about the M100 and enterprise smart glasses solutions on the Vuzix website.

Image Credit: Vuzix

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