Almost half of Samsung Galaxy Note owners want to switch to Apple iPhone 7


Tomorrow is the big day -- Apple's September product event. While there is probably more than one product being unveiled -- maybe even new MacBooks -- the most anticipated device is the iPhone 7.

Are Apple fanatics the ones most excited for the new iPhone? Not necessarily. Actually, according to a new study by Market Strategies (called "iPhone 7 Market Landscaper") almost half of Samsung Galaxy Note owners expressed interest in potentially switching to Apple's iPhone 7.

"As the battle heats up between Apple and Samsung, a new study conducted by Market Strategies International reveals that 33 percent of all Samsung owners show purchase interest in the much anticipated iPhone 7. More interestingly, nearly half (45 percent) of Galaxy Note owners expressed interest in the new iPhone, more than any other Samsung device user. With so many Samsung users considering iPhone 7, Apple is well-positioned to acquire customers amid challenges with the recently launched Galaxy Note 7", says Market Strategies.

Greg Mishkin, vice president, research & consulting, Market Strategies explains, "our conversations with customers reveal a strong likelihood that Samsung Note users are ripe for defecting to Apple. Samsung’s recent issues are a huge boon to Apple, just as many were writing off the iPhone 7 release as insignificant".

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Surprisingly, as seen above, existing iPhone and Galaxy Note users vary quite a bit in wants from their next smartphone. For instance, both groups want better battery life, but there are more iPhone users that want that improvement. This is understandable, as the iPhone 6s battery life can be a bit disapointing -- the Plus variant, however, is phenomenal in this regard. Galaxy Note users would likely select Apple's plus variant if they switched, as its screen size measures up better to Samsung's phablet.

The company shares the following key finding from its study.

  • Battery: 80 percent of current iPhone users and 60 percent of current Samsung users want a longer-lasting battery more than any other feature.
  • Waterproofing: Although 74 percent of current iPhone users and 56 percent of Samsung users are interested in a waterproof iPhone 7, only 16 percent of iPhone users and 8 percent of Samsung users would like to see the headphone jack removed, a change that Apple had been considering for the next iPhone release.
  • Wireless Charging: 64 percent of Apple users and 46 percent of Samsung users hope for this feature on the next iPhone.
  • Memory: 58 percent of iPhone owners and 44 percent of Samsung owners noted more memory as a feature of interest.
  • Screen Size: While 61 percent of iPhone users who currently have a large screen (i.e., iPhone 6/6S Plus) report wanting an even larger screen, only 30 percent of people with older iPhones (i.e., iPhone 5S and earlier) want larger screens.

There is a good possibility that Samsung's battery woes and recall with the Note 7 are increasing the desire to switch to iPhone 7. After all, no one wants a device that could potentially blow up and cause a house fire. Owners of previous Note models could be turned off to the brand a result. As the study suggests, Apple could be looking at big iPhone 7 demand from fearful Note users that seek safety over brand loyalty.

Are you a Galaxy Note user who will switch to iPhone 7? Tell me in the comments.

Photo Credit: Dan Kosmayer/Shutterstock

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