AtGuard Sells Out to Symantec

Considered by many to be genuinely a "fine product", AtGuard was a

personal firewall, privacy retainer, ad blocker, pop-up killer, and bandwidth

saver rolled into one easy to use product. AtGuard technology will be used in

Symantec's upcoming Norton Internet Security 2000 suite, which has no announced

release date. WRQ will stop selling AtGuard at then end of today, November

22nd, and will stop supporting the product December 22nd. Naturally, registered

users of AtGuard are concerned about how the deal will affect them.

Others, are downright ticked. "Words just don't describe how purely

angry I am at WRQ's decision to pass AtGuard on to Symantec," Says Tom Gilmore,

a user. "WRQ blew it, in the most despicable fashion possible."

"How could WRQ sell me AtGuard just a week ago knowing FULL WELL they

were discontinuing support for the product? I have been lied to by WRQ and will

promptly be reversing the charges on my credit card for this now useless

product," writes Wes Salmon.

When asked what support will be offered when the deal is complete,

Symantec Customer Service agent K.A. Lalsingh said "WRQ technology in our own

products and WRQ's discontinuation announcement does not affect our licensing

agreement. WRQ retained all rights to AtGuard and its AtGuard customers and

have made no arrangement with us to assume support of AtGuard."

However, those who have already invested their $30 USD into AtGuard may not

be completely out of luck. WRQ had provided a user-forum for customers to

request technical support, share their tips, ideas, and solutions with fellow

users of AtGuard. So upon hearing that the forums would be closed, Tom Rapid,

AtGuard customer, took the initiative of creating his own community forum for

folks who had been abandoned by WRQ. "I didn't want to lose this information

source," Rapid told eFront.

Is this another example where a "fine software product" will stay alive

only as a memory? It appears for the time being, that there are no answers on

the horizon. "Due to this product not being available for sale as yet, we

cannot make further comments," Symantec support told us. Perhaps the only

solution for now, is to wait.

Visit Tom Rapid's AtGuard forum at

AtGuard Web Site may be found at