Introducing "Ozymandias"

Using a new suite of 3D production tools entitled Lithtech Film Producer and Player, Strange Company, in conjunction with Monolith Productions Inc. , brings "Ozymandias" to the Internet. With a new medium, dubbed Machina, an array of visual effects and features are now available to anyone who wants to use them to create a 3D film.

The software is based on the most current version of Monolith's Lithtech 3D engine used for video games, and is the only set of tools available that are soley dedicated to the "Machina" medium.

The Lithtech Film Producer features a time-line based graphical interface, which allows the creator to insert various effects into their film at any point. It also features a skeletal animator and lip sync device, as well as Dolby Surround Sound output capabilities. It has the ability to handle a tremendous amount of textures and 3D effects.

The Lithtech Film Player features VCR like controls, and can output at any screen resolution while keeping the video size to a minimum, as compared to other video formats.

"Ozymandias" is the first film to be created using this software. It is stand-alone software that includes a beta version of the Lithtech Film Player, which uses version 1.5 of the Lithtech 3D engine.

To read more about the film before viewing, visit the Ozymandias Web site or download it directly from Strange Company.

For more information about the Machina medium visit

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