Windows 2000 Updates Appear

Microsoft has announced a slew of updates for Windows 2000, just one day after their next flagship operating system hit store shelves. While many of the updates merely add hardware support, the software giant has already prepared the first 'Windows 2000 Critical Update,' containing two bug fixes and a security patch.

Another update of interest for gamers adds support under Windows 2000 for many recent games and gaming-related applications. Microsoft notes, "Windows 2000 was specifically architected to enable customers to easily add additional application support after the product had shipped for general release. The February 2000 package is the first release of such additional application support and includes software compatibility updates for Windows 2000."

Microsoft has also added an update correcting a problem with Iomega Tools under Windows 2000. It resolves an incompatibility between Windows 2000 and Iomega software used to access storage devices attached to a parallel port.

These first batch of updates may be downloaded from Microsoft's Windows 2000 Download Page at

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