Phishing Scams, Vioxx Top Spam List

For the second year in a row, America Online has released a "Top 10" list of most common junk e-mail subject lines. Topping the list: prescription medication offers for Vioxx and "phishing," or identity theft scams. Falling out of favor this year were Viagra, teens and Oprah.

"AOL members and all online consumers should make one of their New Year's resolutions a cleaner, less cluttered e-mail inbox," Charles Stiles of AOL's Antispam Operations group said.


Stiles recommended that AOL users continue to report junk mail by using the "Report Spam" button in the AOL software, and Internet users ensure their spam blocking software is updated by using terms from AOL's list.

AOL also reported that it has seen a definite decrease in the amount of pornographic spam during 2004. Rather, it says that spammers have become more "sophisticated, nefarious, shadowy, devious, deceitful, sneaky, malicious, and -- unfortunately -- dedicated" in their work.

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