Apple Sued Over iTunes

A California man is hoping to open up iTunes to work with more devices than just Apple's iPod by suing the company, court documents have shown.

The suit claims that Apple broke antitrust laws by freezing out competitors and forcing consumers to buy an iPod if they wish to make the music purchased portable.


Apple uses proprietary technology to ensure that its songs only play through the iTunes software or on an Apple portable music device.

Thomas Slattery, the plaintiff in the suit, is hoping for unspecified damages for being "forced" to buy the unit.

"Apple has unlawfully bundled, tied, and/or leveraged its monopoly in the market for the sale of legal online digital music recordings to thwart competition in the separate market for portable hard drive digital music players, and vice-versa," the suit alleges.

A spokesperson for Apple has declined to comment on the suit.

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