TiVo: Sexy Super Bowl Ads Stole Show

The more a commercial "walked the finest line of taste" as TiVo's Matt Wisk put it, the more popular it was, at least according to TiVo's yearly analysis of Super Bowl highlights.

An advertisement that aired during the first quarter by Internet domain registrar GoDaddy.com had the highest replay activity of any commercial. The occurrence of a "wardrobe malfunction" within GoDaddy ad was the highest replayed commercial moment in the game.

"The Super Bowl is a totally different viewing experience for families that have the command and control of TiVo to pause and replay the most favorite parts of the game," said Matt Wisk, TiVo Chief Marketing Officer. "This year's big game once again drew what will probably be the largest global television audience of the year, and Super Bowl advertisers benefited once again from this visibility."

The most replayed moment of the game was Donovan McNabb's errantly thrown pass with 20 seconds left, which resulted in a Ted Bruschi interception and sealed the deal for the Patriots win in Super Bowl XXXIX.

According to the analysis, Paul McCartney's halftime show had a higher rate of viewership than last years show featuring Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. TiVo said it measured a five percent increase over the hip-hop themed performance.

However, the most replayed moment wasn't a commercial or a Super Bowl play. Rather, it was the point in the game where phone numbers were flashed on the screen to call in a users' pick for most valuable player.

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