DVD Copy Protection Strengthened

Content protection software maker Macrovision announced Tuesday a software solution that could help curb the problem of illegal copying of DVDs.

The software, called RipGuard, plugs up a hole created by the popular DeCSS software. DeCSS allows the user to break the already present copy protection and make near-perfect copies of the discs for uploading to P2P networks or re-burned onto recordable DVDs.

Macrovision said no additional hardware or software is required on the players, as the technology is built into the disc. While protecting the content digitally, it will also protect it from analog copying (ACP) as well.

"Macrovision RipGuard DVD is designed to dramatically reduce DVD ripping and the resulting supply of illegal P2P content," said Steve Weinstein, general manager of Macrovision's Entertainment Technologies Group.

"Ultimately, we see RipGuard DVD and the ACP framework evolving beyond anti-piracy, and towards enablement of legitimate on-line transactions, interoperability in tomorrow’s digital home, and the upcoming high definition formats."

The feature is expected to be widely available in the second quarter of 2005.

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